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    EverQuest: Depths of Darkhollow

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 13, 2005

    Depths of Darkhollow is the tenth expansion for the popular MMORPG franchise, EverQuest.

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    Depths of Darkhollow
    Depths of Darkhollow

    The dark presence experienced in the northeastern region of Antonica (Dragons of Norrath) has spread further south. The influence is now known as the Shadowspine Curse, and is credited to Venril Sathir, the Iksar lich king, and his attempts to eradicate dragons from the face of Norrath. An explosion caused by the curse, due to events transpiring between the Norrathians and the storm dragons up north, has revealed a passage to the Depths of Darkhollow below the Nektulos Forest. Darkhollow is the origin of many evils in the world of Norrath including werewolves, drachnids, and a previously unseen race of amphibians known as the Shiliskin. The evils here are so intense that even The Duke of Below himself, Brell Serilis, is said to not dare venture near this region. Quickly it is understood that all of this is the work of one Mayong Mistmoore, an ancient vampire who had not been seen on the surface of Norrath for a very long time. Mayong Mistmoore's power has grown as he remained hidden from the outside world for decades. He has now risen to the status of a demigod, and rules his own realm known as Dreadspire, the Demi-Plane of Blood. Many believe Venril Sathir to be in league with Mistmoore. Both factions, Norrath's Keepers (good) and Dark Reign (evil), realize the implications of Mayong Mistmoore's potential rise to godhood. Norrath's greatest warriors must put their differences aside and brave the Depths of Darkhollow to put an end to Mayong Mistmoore once and for all.

    The tenth expansion to EverQuest brought a few new features to the game, but it was primarily about starting the Mayong Mistmoore storyline, which would span several expansions. The main zones in this expansion are not instanced, but they have instanced zones that branch of from each of them for specific quests and/or missions.

    • Monster Missions: Players can temporarily take on the role of legendary creatures and battle a raid of NPC's.
    • Spirit Shrouds: High level players can temporarily transform into low level creatures to join groups of lower level players.
    • Evolving Items: Certain items now earn experience and increase in power the longer they're used or worn.
    • New Spells/Disciplines: New 68th, 69th, and 70th level abilities attainable through various quests.


     Corathus Creep
    Corathus Creep

    The Depths of Darkhollow lie deep beneath Antonica's surface where not even a shred of sunlight is ever seen. The entrance is located at the west end of the river running through Nektulos Forest. Corathus Creep is the first destination and almost all of Darkhollow is open for exploration, except for Dreadspire Keep. The keep is where Mayong Mistmoore himself made his home for many years and somewhere within the tower is a portal to the Demiplane of Blood.

    Corathus Creep

    A mining expedition of Gnomes from Ak'anon came here a long time ago seeking fortune from the depths, but their expedition did not end well. The Gnomes of Mining Expedition 328 survive today only by harboring their souls within clockworks they built. The mechanized Gnomes established quite a significant village here, offering new adventurers basically anything they could possibly need, such as supplies or quests, before venturing deeper underground.

    • Corathus Lair
    • Sporali Caverns


    The Undershore is known to its inhabitants as East Korlach and it has many important sites to see. The damp, humid caverns are reminiscent of some of the underground regions of Luclin. Some of the attractions include the slave trader camp run by some friendly shiliskins, the great shiliskin leader Emperor Draygun's tomb, Jadewater Beach, Runesmoke Cavern, and Jarzarrad's Enclav where prophets sell unique spells to the region. Wizards and Druids have discovered a means of teleporting directly to the Undershore, making travel throughout Darkhollow much easier.

    • Shadow Spine
    • Snarlstone Dens

    Ruins of Illsalin

     Ruins of Illsalin
    Ruins of Illsalin

    Illsalin is the once great capital city of the Shiliskin empire. It is now teeming with undead and infested with drachnids that haunt its dark corners. The once elaborate and beautiful waterways now flow with toxic sludge and the vibrant coral reefs have long since disappeared. The Shiliskin who still reside here offer many quests and rewards to adventurers willing to help their cause.

    • Illsalin Market
    • The Nargilor Pits
    • The Temple of the Korlach

    Stoneroot Falls

    The falls here are known to the Shiliskin as West Korlach and reach into the deepest parts of Darkhollow. Small islands pepper the large body of water at the base of the falls, and they are covered in basilisks. Another ruined Shiliskin town, known as Xill, lies here as well, now enthralled with terrifying drachnids. Adventurers must brave the falls in order to reach The Hive, and thus, Dreadspire Keep and the Demi-Plane of Blood.

    • Caverns of the Lost
    • Lair of the Korlach
    • Lodge of the Fang
    • Prince's Manor

    The Hive

    The Hive
    The Hive

    The massive cocoons hanging from the ceiling in the deepest depths of Darkhollow are home to drachnids of Norrath. The Hive holds the keys to entering Dreadspire Keep. The drachnids, as one would imagine, are vile and wicked creatures. Their fallen brethren are taken to the lower chambers and reanimated through necromancy to serve as guards and slaves. The Shiliskin have been the victims of many drachnid webs over the years, and now the mindless undead Shiliskins roam through the murky sludge beneath the cocoons. Legends heard in Corathus Creep speak of a particularly lethal drachnid named Drithnak that preys on any who linger in one place for too long. And of course there is Queen Sendaii, hidden somewhere upon the cocoons.

    • Coven of the Skinwalkers
    • Living Larder
    • Queen Sendaii's Lair

    Dreadspire Keep

    Almost every adventurer in Norrath knows of Castle Mistmoore in the Faydark, but Mayong Mistmoore has not resided there for a very long time. Dreadspire Keep, the true Castle Mistmoore, is located atop The Hive. Surprisingly, many of the creatures and people here are non-aggressive. The Keep serves less as a defense, but more as a gateway to Mistmoore's demiplane where he advances towards godhood.

    The Demi-Plane of Blood

    Mayong Mistmoore
    Mayong Mistmoore

    This realm is an alternate reality created by Mayong Mistmoore himself that mirrors Dreadspire Keep. Within the confines of the plane are an amalgamation of wicked and powerful creatures that serve Mayong on his quest for godhood. Upon entering the realm, adventurers who are not prepared will be stricken with a plague of status effects immediately hindering their effectiveness in a myriad of ways. The werewolves, drachnids, gargoyles, bats, orcs, undead, and of course...vampires. Despite the legions of evil creatures that serve him, some suggest that Mayong Mistmoore is hoping or even wishing for a group of adventurers worthy of defeating him. What trickery does the ancient vampire have in mind?


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