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    EverQuest: Dragons of Norrath

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 15, 2005

    Dragons of Norrath is the ninth expansion for the popular MMORPG franchise, EverQuest.

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     Northeast Antonica
    Northeast Antonica

    After ending the threat of Mata Muram on his own turf, the land of Kuua (Omens of War), the Wayfarers Brotherhood and those who helped them returned to Norrath to find it in disarray. Unbeknownst to the world's people, a dark influence had permeated Norrath, and a new era was beginning. This historical period would become known as The Age of War. By the time the Wayfarers returned from Kuua, tensions had already escalated to the point that two legendary figures had returned to the spotlight to lead their respective armies of good and evil. Firiona Vie, the powerful High Elf royal, leads Norrath's Keepers while Lanys T`Vyl, the daughter of Innoruuk, commands Dark Reign. Both had already set up recruitment camps in the Lavastorm Mountains. A Gnomish mining company had recently discovered a passage through the mountains into a previously unexplored region of northeast Antonica. The lands here are a nest for the dragons of Norrath, where, for centuries, they have been born and raised uninterrupted. Both factions of good and evil believed this discovery to be invaluable. With race, class, religion, and faction standing in mind, it was up to each individual adventurer of Norrath to decide which side to take before journeying into the northern reaches.

    The ninth expansion to EverQuest brought about several changes and additions to the game. Much like the Lost Dungeons of Norrath expansion, much of the content here is mission-based instanced zones. Missions are delved out by certain NPC's in each faction's camp. Unlike LDoN though, players could enter non-instanced versions of the same zones for regular adventuring, grinding, or soloing. The expansion also brought about a revamp to the Lavastorm Mountains zone. Highlights of Dragons of Norrath include:

    • New Guild Hall: A new instanced zone for your guild to prepare. It comes equipped with a bank, supply vendors, and portals to popular druid and wizard teleport locations through the world. Buff timers are stopped while in this zone as well.
    • New Guild Lobby: A new zone in the Plane of Knowledge where guilds can recruit and meet with other guilds. Disciples here can also summon corpses from anywhere in the world for a fee.
    • New Good/Evil Perks: Completing tasks for either Norrath's Keepers or Dark Reign will earn crystals that can be redeemed for unique items or abilities.
    • New Bandolier: A new hotkey makes it easier to switch out weapon sets when the need arises.
    • New Potion Belt: A new hotkey allows for quicker access to potions and other magical items in your inventory.
    • New Mail System: Players can now send persistent messages to anyone even if they are not online.
    • New AA's: Dozens of new Alternate Advancement abilities unique to Dragons of Norrath.
    • New Cultural Armor: Elaborate quests for each race requiring efficiency in multiple trade skills.


    Tirranun the Protector
    Tirranun the Protector

    After passing through the caves at the northern end of the Lavastorm Mountains, adventurers will find themselves in The Broodlands. The first to make the passage were met by a mighty dragon by the name of Tirranun the Ancient Protector. The dragons have remained hidden for centuries and they intend to keep it that way. Tirranun escaped defeat at the hands of the Norrathian forces and fled to the dungeons in the mountains to warn the others. Each of the dungeons found here have several variations depending upon which mission was taken from the Norrath's Keepers, Dark Reign, or Wayfarers Brotherhood camps.

    The Broodlands

    From the Broodlands, adventurers can enter and explore several different dungeons. Hidden in these dungeons are five powerful dragons including Tirranun.

    The Accursed Nest

    Vishimtar the Fallen
    Vishimtar the Fallen

    The Nest was once a paradise in which young dragons were raised, but it has since fallen into darkness due to a wretched curse. The Curse of Shadowspire has affected not only the land but the inhabitants themselves, including the mighty dragon, Vishimtar the Fallen. It is believed that the curse is the work of Venril Sathir, the lich king of Karnor's Castle in The Dreadlands of Kunark. He plans to get his revenge on the dragons at the root of the issue.

    • Circle of Drakes
    • Clues
    • The Curse of Ju`rek
    • Dragon's Egg
    • In the Shadows
    • Lair of the Blackwing
    • Lost Comrades
    • The Rampaging Monolith
    • Rival Party
    • Spider's Eye
    • Web of Lies

    The Ascent

    Kessdona the Enlightened
    Kessdona the Enlightened

    This snowcapped mountainous region rests beyond the Stillmoon Temple and not far from Everfrost Peaks, although no passage between the two have been found. Those brave enough to reach its summit will be met unkindly by Rikkukin the Defender and Kessdona the Enlightened. These serpent-like dragons are quite powerful.

    • Death Comes Swiftly
    • Drake Eggs
    • Kessdona's Perch
    • Reflections of Silver
    • Signal Fires
    • Storm Dragon Scales
    • Sudden Tremors

    Lavaspinner's Lair

     Lavaspinner's Lair
    Lavaspinner's Lair

    As the name would imply, this dungeon is full of flowing lava and volcanic ash. Despite the abrasive environment, this region is likely the least difficult for adventurers to progress through. The creatures found here are relatively weak compared to the ones in the other dungeons.

    • Calling Emoush
    • The Drake's Menace
    • Forbin's Elixir
    • A Halfling's Greed
    • Infested
    • Lavaspinner Hunting
    • Lavaspinner's Locals
    • Volkara's Bite

    Stillmoon Temple

     Stillmoon Temple
    Stillmoon Temple

    This once tranquil temple has since been overrun by a horde of deceptively powerful goblins. The temple, including its zen garden and wading pool, are still guarded fiercely by ancient stone golems.

    • Animated Statue Plans
    • Best Laid Plans
    • Diseased Pumas
    • Guardian of the Sands
    • Scales of Justice
    • Sickness of the Spirit
    • Trial of Perseverance

    Thundercrest Isles

     Thundercrest Isles
    Thundercrest Isles

    The floating islands of Thundercrest are quite reminiscent of the Plane of Sky, which makes sense considering the matriarch of the storm dragons resides here. Yar`Lir can found in her chambers on the center isle. Finding one's way to this middle island can be nearly as maddening as the Plane of Sky itself.

    • Behind Closed Doors
    • The Creator
    • An End to the Storms
    • The Gilded Scroll
    • History of the Isle
    • Holy Hour
    • House of the Autumn Rose
    • Lair Unguarded
    • Scions of Thundercrest
    • Throes of Contagion

    Tirranun's Delve

     Tirranun's Delve
    Tirranun's Delve

    The dragon that originally was tasked in preventing anyone else from entering the lands of the storm dragons now resides here, beneath the Lavaspinner's Lair. The extreme temperatures and harsh terrain will keep even some of the most hardened adventurers away, but those that can maneuver through the cavern's traps, goblins, and spiders may attempt to finish off Tirranun.

    • Children of Gimblax
    • Have Note Will Travel
    • Storming the Goblin Temple

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