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    EverQuest: House of Thule

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 12, 2010

    House of Thule is the seventeenth expansion for the popular MMORPG franchise, EverQuest.

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    In the land of Norrath many important figures have fallen into dream-induced comas. Healers are incapable of waking them from their sleep so something is clearly wrong in the world of dreams.  
    In Feerrott jungle, a mysteriously sinister place, the overlords of Thule battle for power. Cazic, Terris, and Morell, the Lord of Dreams, are the deities of Thule and their violent fighting has caused massive upheaval in the world of Norrath. Reality becomes illusion, dreams and nightmares become reality. Nothing is held back by intangibles. Dreams and nightmares are no longer restricted to one's mind and take physical form. The overlords of Thule must be stopped before the entire world of Norrath is destroyed by the power of dreams.   

    New Additions in House of Thule

    • Added 5 levels to cap making level 90 max.
    • More than 800 AAs making powers and abilities stronger than they were before
    • In-game housing so players can display their items
    • New Housing Trophy System where trophies can be displayed and receive statistical benefits.
    • Hundreds of housing items to decorate the player's house.
    • 18 raids full of loot.
    • 13 Zones to be added to the world of Norrath.
    • 450 spells to add to caster classes.
    • 17 missions to explore and experience lore.
    • 120 quests to gather loot.
    • Inventory increase

    Purchasing Options

    EverQuest: House of Thule will be available for digital download at $39.99. 
    Pre-Order Bonuses 
    • Get House of Thule and all previous expansions
    • Topiary Mount
    • 16 slot bag
    • 2 extra bag slots
    • Wailing Contract Mercenary
    • House of Thule key art in-game painting
     Pre-order Digital Collector's Edition Bonuses 
    • House of Thule and all previous Expansion packs
    • Topiary Mount
    • "Dead" Topiary Mount
    • Gnoll Pup Leash
    • Sword of Truth template
    • 20 slot bag
    • 2 extra bag slots
    • Wailing Contract Mercenary
    • Discordant Contract Mercenary
    • House of Thule key art in-game painting
    • House of Thule in-game painting 
     Ordering Digital Download from Direct 2 Drive, Amazon, Steam 
    • House of Thule and all of its expansions.
    • Topiary Mount
    • 16 slot bag
    • 2 extra bag slots
    • House of Thule in-game art painting.

    System Specifications

    • Windows XP
    • Pentium II 400 or higher
    • 256 megabytes of RAM
    • ATI Radeon 7500/GeForce 1 or better
    • Direct X compatible sound card
    • 28k Internet Connection
    • 4x Speed DVD-ROM
    • 500 MB hard drive space or 8 gigs depending on how many expansions are installed.
    • Direct X 9.0
    • Everquest Subscription
    Recommended Specs  
    • Windows 7, XP SP2, or Vista
    • Pentium 4 or higher
    • 1 gig of RAM
    • NVidia GeForce FX 5700/ATI Radeon 9500 or better
    • Direct X compatible Sound card
    • 56.6k Internet connection or faster
    • 8X DVD-ROM
    • 10 gigs of Hard Drive Space
    • Direct X 9.0

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