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    EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Nov 13, 2007

    Relive the continent of Kunark and play as the new playable Sarnak race in the fourth installment of the EverQuest II franchise.

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    EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark is the fourth expansion for EverQuest II.   It introduced the continent of Kunark to EverQuest II, and brought with it a new playable race, new zones, a level cap increase, a new major city, as well as other improvements., such as spell upgrades and guild halls.

    New Race 

    The Sarkak, a race of magically-altered dragonic humanoids, have been exiled from thier homeland and have made their home in Timorous Deep.  From their capital city of Gorowyn, they wage war against the Iksar, the Aviaks, and all others who wish to destroy them.  Sarnak society is distinct from the other races of Norrath, and Sarnak architecture has a distinctly Asian-inspired feel to it.  

    New Zones 

    The lost continent of Kunark includes the following zones: 

    Fens of Nathsar 

    Caught in the middle of the war between the Sarnaks and Iskar, the Fens are home to the Iskar city of Riliss, as well as the Sarnak of Bathezid's Watch.  Independent factions of both Burynai and Goblins also offer quests and rewards to players.  To the north, past the Fields of Bone, is the main encampment of the Order of Rime, the mysterious organization which drives much of the plot of this expansion. 
    Fens has quests for characters from levels 70 to 75.

    Jarsath Wastes 

     Similar to Fens, the Wastes offer a large number of faction-related quests, and furthers the Order of Rime quest line.  
    Wastes has quests for characters from levels 75 to 80.

    Kunzar Jungle

    A zone with several battling factions of Iskar and Sarnak, as well as a warlike monastic order, Kunzar Jungle holds the Iskar city of Jinisk, its rival city of Sebilis, as well as the abandoned City of Mist. In addition to several other factions, the Order of Rime have a strong presence in the Jungle as well. 
    Kunzar Jungle has quests for levels 74 to 68.

    Kylong Plains

    A zone which stretches from dense jungle to frozen wastes, Kunzar Plains introduces players to the Order of Rime, as well as the Dreg's Landing settlement's war against the Drachnids and Drolvargs.  The city of Teren's Grasp is located to the north, and offers a number of quests as well. 
    Kylong Plains has quests for levels 68 to 73.  

    Timorous Deep 

    The new starting area available for Sarnak and other evil characters.  Timorous Deep was the first zone to get the 'Golden Path' overhaul which was meant to streamline advancement for new characters. 
    Timorous Deep offers quests for players from levels 1 to 20.

    Level Cap and AA Increase 

    The level cap was increased to 80, and an additional 40 AAs were added, for a total of 140.  

    New Starter Area  

    Timorous Deep was added as the starter area for Sarnaks, and is available for other evil-aligned races as well.  Gorowyn, the capital, may be visited by both evil and good characters, alhough it is an evil city.

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