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    EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 16, 2010

    This is the sixth expansion pack of EverQuest II.

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    The Sentinel's Fate is the sixth expansion to Everquest 2, and comes after The Shadow Odyssey

    Level Cap Increase

     Sentinel's Fate includes a new level cap of 90.  This is a ten level increase from the previous cap of eighty. This includes all three types of experience: adventure, crafting, and guild.       

    Alternate Advancement 

    The AA cap has been increased to 250, and new abilities have been added to class lines.

    New Quests

    Sentinel's Fate includes more than 400 new quests.


    Launching shortly after the expansion, battlegrounds enabled all players (both from PvE and PvP servers) to access objective based PvP zones.  This mode of gameplay included token rewards which could be used to purchase high quality gear designed for PvP use.

    New Heritage Quests

    There are five new heritage quests included in the new expansion.    
    The Paw of Opolla 
    Claws of Jojo 
    The Bow of the Underfoot 
    Shiney Robe of the Underfoot


    With the raising of the level cap to 90, new crafting recipes have been added from levels 80 to 90. Players may now also take up both transmuting and tinkering. The Tier 9 harvesting nodes have been slightly tweaked. 

    Legends of Norrath

    Sentinel's Fate includes the Fall of Erudin scenario in the free to play card game Legends of Norrath

    New Items

    Sentinel's Fate includes over 2,000 new items, including armor, weapons, and consumables.  

    New Zones

    There are two new overworld zones in Sentinal's Fate:  The Sundered Frontier and The Stonebrunt Highlands.  These zones take place in the lost continent of Odus.

    New Raids 

     There are three new raids included in Everquest II: The Sentinel's Fate. 
    •  Lair of the Dragon Queen;
    •  Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory 
    • The Palace of Roehn Theer

    Sentinal's Fate also introduced a new raid system which implemented both a "normal" and a "challenge" mode. By doing certain tasks inside the raid you can either make the raid easier or harder depending on your raid crews abilities. Along with the expansion introduced a "token" system with the raid. Once defeating a boss you are awarded one token which you can use to purchase upgrades to gear or raid adornments.


    Gear Improvements 

    Gear in Sentinel's Fate is designed to be role-based rather than strictly class-based.  This is meant to alleviate some of the issues that developed in a game which has 24 different classes. Previous expansions intrduced "patterns" which allowed you to exchange the "pattern" for a piece of armor for your class. This lead to an issue with some patterns rarely for some classes. With Sentinal's Fate you use raid tokens to purchase adornments for the armor which are specific for your class.

    Game Update 55

    Game Update 55 (GU55), which was released alongside Sentinel's Fate, included a number of changes to the gameplay, including the streamlining of solo content from starter zones to level 80, a number of UI tweaks, a large number of changes to the quests in Butcherblock Mountains, as well as the inclusion of NVidia 3D Vision support. 
    Game update 56 
    Game update 56 (GU56), Which will be released late May 2010. Introduces the new zone Halas which was promised as part of Sentinal's Fate but had to be pushed back for being unfinished. (GU56) Also includes a new open world pvp type to be included in PVP worlds.  (GU56) will also upgrade the games shaders to shader 3.0. (GU56) will also introduce 2 new raid zones into the game. One of which will be the most challenging raid zones to date.

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