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This is not what it looks like

Originally Eversion was a freeware PC game. It has received a graphical overhaul, new secrets and a price tag on it's Steam version. Which I had chance of playing recently. I would recommended playing the game without reading a single review. This is because of the layer mechanism that is way cooler without any knowledge of it. Well too late now.

 Start with this..
 Start with this..

Eversion is a traditional 2D platform/puzzle game. Only difference is that it comes with a twist. Protagonist is a flower looking character that is travelling through 8 worlds while looking for a Princess. What makes Eversion stand out from any other platform is the layers. The game logo and the initial screenshot might seems innocent, even kid themed. But this no kids game. Each world has number of invisible Eversion points which when found can be used to change a layer. This is from the first cuddly easy platforms to more bleak, hardened looking and challenging levels. The first level acting as tutorial for this mechanism. After couple of jumps and so on player can not continue before changing the Eversion layer. On the second layer the clouds become solid making player able to use these to finish the levels. The complexity of the layers naturally get harder with each world. On the last world making rather difficult and the graphics looking anything but cuddly.

Graphics are as mentioned are presented with a old-school 2D style. Deliberate retro graphics with sprites are effective as always. Soundtrack is nice selection of chiptune tracks following the same theme. Doesn't get quite to the heights of VVVVVV or Super Meat Boy soundtracks. Still catchy enough.

..and finish with this. 
..and finish with this. 

The main story line can be finished in couple hours. Hour longer can be added if the extras or the other endings want to be unlocked. A time trial mode is unlocked after getting the good ending. The creator also has released a level editor which can be used to add more length.

I personally can not see any issues in the game. Other than its bit on the short side. There seem to be some complaints surrounding the controls as well. I had no problems with this since I was using a Xbox 360 controller. Had it not been this the game would have way more frustrating since the jumping seems to be bit iffy.

Don't fully see the advantages of this Steam version over the freeware version. Supporting the indie developer is always a good cause if nothing else. 

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