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    Evil Dead: Regeneration

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Sep 13, 2005

    Evil Dead: Regeneration puts Ash into a non-canon world in which he never went back in time after Evil Dead II. He also gets a half deadite sidekick.

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    Evil Dead: Regeneration ditches exploration and resource management to focus fully on hack and slash action. In this what-if scenario where Ash was never sucked into the portal at the end of the second movie, players will have fast movement, combos, rolls and infinite ammo to enjoy Evil Dead's absurd and gory action.


    Because of the events of Evil Dead 1 & 2 Ashley J. Williams is believed to be criminally insane and is locked away in an asylum. During a visit from his lawyer, Sally, she confesses that she has found Professor Knowby's diary and believes Ash's story about what took place in the cabin. Dr. Reinhard (Ash's doctor) is in the possession of the Nercronomicon. As Sally leaves, Reinhard unleashes the Army of Darkness. The "deadites" break Ash out of confinement. Ash eventually finds his boomstick, chainsaw, and clothes (killing many deadites in the process). Before Ash can leave the asylum, he is confronted by Professor Knowby's ghost. After telling Ash Reinhard's plans, Ash decides to leave. It isn't until Knowby tells Ash that Sally is in great danger because of her possession of Knowby's diary, that Ash decides to save Sally which would also stop Reinhard's plans. In order to stop Reinhard, Ash must close several deadite portals. To do this Ash needs the help of Sam.

    Sam is a half deadite. He can respawn if he is killed and he knows how to close the portals. Initially, Ash doesn't like Sam (the first thing Ash does is kill Sam). Eventually, Ash and Sam reach the first portal, which is guarded by a deadite queen. Ash kills the queen and Sam closes the portal. While traveling through the woods Ash finds a harpoon gun. He modifies it and attaches it to his arm. Once again Ash and Sam find another deadite portal. This time they must kill a possessed miner before they can close it. Knoby shows up once again. This time he tells Ash that Reinhard will need a human sacrifice and that he got Knowby's diary. Ash figures that Sally is to be the human sacrifice. While sorting through some garbage Ash finds a torpedo gun. He replaces the harpoon with it. Ash and Sam find another portal, this one being guarded by a large deadite fish. Once again they kill the creature and close the portal. Ash and Sam continue on through a swamp.

    Along the way, Ash finds a shed full of various explosive materials. With them, he builds a flamethrower. It replaces his torpedo gun. Eventually, they reach Port Dober which is infested with deadites (much like Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2). While going through the city, Ash finds a new and improved titanium bladed chainsaw. Ash and Sam find another portal. However, as Sam is closing it he yawns. This causes Ash and Sam to be sucked through the portal. Ash and Sam are sucked into a new dimension. Knowby once again shows up telling Ash how the only way to leave is to kill Reinhard and save Sally. Knowby makes the mistake of telling Ash about how he has to save the world. Ash becomes enraged and tells Knowby that he is only in it to save Sally and perhaps Sam.

    Ash and Sam make their way through a deadite temple. They eventually reach Reinhards lair where he is about sacrifice Sally. After telling Ash that he is impressed, Reinhard uses the Necronomicon to make himself into a deadite troll. Ash and Sam prevail and kill Reinhard. Ash and Sally are about to kiss when Sally becomes possessed by the Necronomicon. Ash kills Sally in a fit of rage and just as he does this, the portal reopens which sucks Ash, Sam, and the Necronomicon into it. This ends the game.


    Along the way, you can acquire a few different weapons that Ash can use.


    • .45 Automatic - Basic pistol, does very little damage.
    • Boomstick - Classic Evil Dead gun. It blows things to pieces, need I say more?
    • Bomb-Lancer - Sticks enemies with exploding stick of wood. It's like firing lightning shurikens, except it's exploding wood! (No pun intended)

    Prosthetic Weapons

    • Chainsaw - How badass is it to have a chainsaw for an arm? I think this weapon is self explanatory.
    • Harpoon Gun - Once you shot at an enemy, you can " reel them in " to either throw or to shoot at.
    • Flamethrower - Look at those crispy critters!


    1. Ashley J. Williams - Bruce Campbell
    2. Sam - Ted Raimi
    3. Sally - Nika Futterman
    4. Dr. Reinhard - Jim Ward
    5. Professor Knowby - Jim Ward


    • Bruce Campbell plays the role of Ash Williams in all three Evil Dead movies (Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness)
    • Ted Raimi also plays roles in the Evil Dead films. In Evil Dead he plays "Fake Shemp" and in Evil Dead II he plays "Possessed Henrietta". He is also Sam Raimi's brother.
    • Sam is also the name of Sam Raimi. Sam Raimi wrote and directed all three Evil Dead movies.

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