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Evil Genius (PC) Review

Evil Genius is a mix of LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth and Sim Theme Park.  You build a base instead of a park, and instead of walking into mordor, you are mordor.  Plain and simple, take those two games, add the Austin Powers and 007 vibe into a jar and shake.  The outcome would be this masterpiece.   
You play as an Evil Genius, laughably taunted by the world for being a joke, who eventually hold the UN hostage with a friggin nuke.  Build traps, a badass evil base, an even more badass base, create minions from the 9 different types, recruit henchmen (my favorite was "the butcher" who comically runs up to an enemy and attempts to chop them into bits with two "Yan Can Cook" knives), and do it all while keeping the balance of stealing and progression with the constant battle of soldiers, spies, and super agents trying to take you out. 
This is probably on of the most hillarious games ever made.  For instance, when you need to boost the "morale" of you nearby minions you can click on a minion near you and order them to be executed.  My Evil Genius, Shen Yu, stabs him with a knive and says aloud "foolish man often walk into sharp things!"  Stack on top of that the interrogation sequences, and downright mean demoarilization of a super agent and you have yourself one of the best games ever made. 
Seriously, I'm not joking one bit, go over to and buy this gem now! 

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