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    Evil Zone

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jan 14, 1999

    A bizarre 3D fighting game with a heavy mishmash of anime tropes and a simplistic control scheme (with only ONE attack button).

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    Evil Zone (known in Japan as Eretzvaju) is a 3D fighting game developed by Yuke's and published for the Sony PlayStation by Yuke's in Japan (on January 14, 1999) and by Titus in both North America (on May 31, 1999) and Europe.

    An over-the-top mishmash of various forms of anime themes, tropes, and archetypes, Evil Zone is known for its unique story mode (where each character's story is presented as their own on-going self-narrated animated TV series). It's also known for its simplistic control scheme, where combat consists of only one attack button.

    The plot involves a powerful dimension-shifting being, known as the witch Ihadulca, who have been temporarily confined to the "Evil Zone" dimension by the inhabitants of I-Praseru (Happy Island). A multi-dimensional tournament is formed to find the strongest warrior to destroy Ihadulca before she escapes.


    The game includes 10 playable characters (one of whom must be unlocked beforehand), each with their own Japanese and English voice actors:


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