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Special stone items that are use to trigger the evolution of some Pokemon that can only evolve with throw this method. This stones are the Fire Stone, Water Stone, Thunderstone, Leaf Stone, Sun Stone, Moon Stone, Shiny Stone, Dusk Stone and Down Stone. It can be used at any time and this evolution can not be canceled once it start.

There is another type of stone called the Everstone wish does not allows the Pokemon holding it to evolve, however if the Pokemon holding the Everstone comes in contact with one of the other evolutionary stones it will still evolve. 
Some Pokemon after evolving with a stone can learn moves previously not possible, however there are some other Pokemon that after evolving will not learn any new moves, like is the case of Raichu
The stones can be found in different places on the ground. Some stones, like the Everstone, can be found been held by a wild Pokemon. They can be purchased in some stores like in Black City and Celedon Department Store, some can be found in events such as dust clouds in caves (Pokemon Black/White)  

Pokemon that evolve with stones 


Fire Stone

Evolves a Vulpix into Ninetales 
Evolves a Growlithe into Arcanine 
Evolves a Eevee into Flareon 
Evolves a Pansear into Simisear 

Water Stone 

Evolves a Poliwhirl into Poliwrath 
Evolves a Shellder into Cloyster 
Evolves a Staryu into Starmie 
Evolves a Eevee into Vaporeon 
Evolves a Lombre into Ludicolo 
Evolves a Panpour into Simipour 


Evolves a Pikachu into Raichu 
Evolves a Eevee into Jolteon 
Evolves a Eelektrik into Eelektross 

Leaf Stone

Evolves a Gloom into Vileplume 
Evolves a Weepinbell into Victreebel 
Evolves a Exeggcute into Exeggutor 
Evolves a  Nuzleaf into Shiftry
Evolves a Pansage into Simisage 

Sun Stone

Evolves a Gloom into Bellossom 
Evolves a Sunkern into Sunflora 
Evolves a Cottonee into Whimsicott 
Evolves a Petilil into Lilligant 

Moon Stone 

Evolves a Nidorina into Nidoqueen 
Evolves a Nidorino into Nidoking 
Evolves a Clefairy into Clefable 
Evolves a Jigglypuff into Wigglytuff 
Evolves a Skitty into Delcatty 
Evolves a Munna into Musharna 

Shiny Stone 

Evolves a Togetic into Togekiss 
Evolves a Roselia into Roserade 
Evolves a Minccino into Cinccino 

Dusk Stone 

Evolves a Murkrow into Honchkrow 
Evolves a Misdreavus into Mismagius 
Evolves a Lampent into Chandelure 

Down Stone

Evolves a Kirlia into Gallade 
Evolves a Snorunt into Froslass

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