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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1992

    An action-platformer based on the Malibu Comics superhero team. As Ackroyd or Shannon, save the rest of the Ex-Mutants from the evil overlord Sluggo!

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    Ex-Mutants is an action-platformer game exclusive to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. It is based on the Ex-Mutants comic book series by Malibu Comics (who originally picked the series up from Eternity Comics) and was developed by Malibu's in-house game development wing, Malibu Interactive.

    Ex-Mutants is set in the post-apocalypse where all of humanity has been transformed into mutants by the radioactive fallout and biological warfare left behind by World War III. A group of strong, young mutants - a group of three males and three females - are transformed back into humans via a process pioneered by the cyborg Professor Kildare. They now protect the shattered world from warlords and villains while looking for a way to restore the rest of mankind.

    In the game's story, all the Ex-Mutants except Ackroyd and Shannon have been captured by the evil Sluggo and his subordinate Zygote and placed in various spots to lure the remaining two into a trap. The goal of the game is to rescue all other members of the Ex-Mutants, restore Prof. Kildare's power supply, and defeat Sluggo once and for all.


    The player controls either Ackryod or Shannon - they have slightly different stats, with Ackroyd being tougher but slower and with a shorter reach - as they move through each area of the game defeating Sluggo's minions and avoiding his traps. Some levels require exploration and may include power-ups, extra lives, and other secrets, while others are on-rails and require the player avoid dangers coming towards them.

    Players can collect two types of ammunition: the first will fire along with the player's melee attack, giving them some extra reach, while the second is a bomb that can destroy locked doors and other barriers. There are various types of both, with different behaviors.


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