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    Hacking puzzle game from Zachtronics.

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    In Exapunks you play as a former hacker who is forced to return to your old ways after being infected by "the phage". Your only way to survive is to keep up your deal with a mysterious benefactor; One dose of medicine for one hack. You need one dose a day to stave off the disease. With your computer and zine in hand you got everything you need, and everything can be hacked. Banks, laundromats, game consoles, highway signs, even your own body.

    Limited Edition

    As with some other games from Zachtronics this game could be purchased as a Limited Edition, where you got sent the important "zines" from the game. The first issue of "Trash World News" contains lore and tutorials. The second issue and a mysterious third object arrived in envelopes, saying to not open until instructed to do so in the game.

    The zines can also be found in PDF format in the game, easy to print out and assemble yourself. They can also be viewed digitally.


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