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Unlike Ornstein, Smough was not allowed to join the ranks of Gwyn's Knights because of his custom of pulverizing his victims' bones and adding them to his meals.

The player fights him alongside Ornstein. Smough uses attacks which utilize his powerful hammer and his enormous weight by occasionally doing a butt stomp - an ability which Ornstein will use if Smough is killed first.

If he is defeated last in battle, his armor will be available for purchase from Domnhall of Zena and his hammer can be crafted from his soul. Smough's armor set is one of the strongest in the game.


Hammer Swing - Smough pulls his hammer back to one side and swings it horizontally to the other. Sometimes he will follow this up with another swing in the opposite direction. This can be evaded by backing off (rolling is only necessary in a pinch) or getting close enough to him where the hammer hit box is actually behind the player character. Being near him during this attack gives a good opportunity to sneak in a few hits while he's still in his swing animation.

Smough entering his 2nd form
Smough entering his 2nd form

Hammer Smash - Smough slowly lifts his hammer over his head and smashes the ground with it. Sometimes he will immediately follow this up with a Hammer Swing. It can be easily evaded by rolling or strafing to the side. Also, this attack goes through pillars.

Buttslam - Smough jumps into the air and slams his bodyweight onto the ground. The player will take damage from being under him or his hammer when he lands. Backing off is advisable, as the hit box can be difficult to judge. Smough takes a while to recover from this attack though, so the player can attack him as he's getting up. However, if Ornstein is killed first this buttslam move gains lightning emitting capabilities with a large AoE, making use of his recovery time to land hits harder as the player has to run further away.

Jumping Hammer Smash
Jumping Hammer Smash

Jumping Hammer Smash - Similar to the buttslam only a bit quicker and Smough slams his hammer onto the ground as he lands. Rolling to the side is a very reliable way to dodge this move, especially with a lock-on. If Ornstein and Smough are doing their jumping attacks in unison, dodging Smough's and immediately striking him afterward is a good way to land a risk-free hit.

Charge Attack - One of Smough's trickiest attacks by far. Smough puts his hammer out in front of himself, charges at the player for some indeterminate distance, and launches the player up with a devastating upward swing. There aren't many good ways to avoid this attack other than backpedaling as soon he telegraphs it. The player can use the pillars to limit the distance Smough covers but his upward swing will clip through the pillar, so one should stand a good distance behind the pillar. It's possible to backpedal and then roll through his upward swing, but Smough is likely to spam the charge attack repeatedly so caution should be taken going near him just after he finishes it.


Smough's Helm7006.84034.846401926211421125
Smough's Armor70017.510692.2121.91065266593554289
Smough's Gauntlets70010.56153.170.2613140332133165
Smough's Leggings70010.56153.170.2613140332133165

This set cannot be improved.


  • Hidetaka Miyazaki stated in the Dark Souls: Design Works interview that Smough was originally meant to be a part of the four knights. Eventually this role was scraped but Miyazaki was still very fond of Smough's design, so he gave him the unique role of Anor Londo's cruel executioner.
  • Smough is referred to as FourKnightC in the game data.
  • Smough's soul can be fed to Frampt for only 1 soul. His is the only soul to be fed for this amount.

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