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A sequel to the original Exile game for the TurboGrafx-16 CD system, this follow up embraces a more action oriented play mechanic, in the manner of Zelda II or Castlevania III. The milieu of the game is set within a fictional Middle East, such as that found in Beyond Oasis or Magic Of Scheherazade. This was a number of titles published by Working Designs for the TurboGrafx line of consoles, making them one of very few third parties to embrace the CD-ROM platform.


Gamplay is split into two sections – the RPG stage, and the Action stage.

  • During RPG sequences, the player explores a town or village from an overhead perspective, and talks to NPCs to gather information to advance the story, as well as purchasing weapons and tonics.
  • Action stages are played as an action platformer, advancing through the stage to get to the destination or confront a boss. As characters are added to the party, they can be selected for play through these levels. Tonics can be used to restore hit points, as well as temporarily increasing offensive and defensive power – using more than one kind of tonic at a time can yield unwanted side effects.

Saving and loading can only be done from RPG stages.


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