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    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released December 1988

    Exile, also known as XZR II, is the side scrolling, action RPG sequel to XZR. It was first released for Japanese computers in 1988. Both North American releases, especially the Genesis one, were censored due to the heavy religious, adult and drug-related themes.

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    The game is a sequel to XZR and part of the Exile / XZR series. It was originally released as XZR II for the MSX2, PC-88 and PC-98 computer platforms in 1988.

    Exile received a full 16-bit remake in 1991, featuring cutscenes and a brand new Red Book soundtrack. Renovation Products handled the Genesis version, whereas Working Designs localized the Turbo CD version. The dungeons were less difficult to navigate in the 16-bit versions; the original MSX2 version's were maze-like, so it was easier to lose one's way. The game's soundtrack was composed by Shinobu Ogawa and Tenpei Sato.

    Like its predecessor, the gameplay contains heavy drug use, with drugs being used instead of potions. These drugs, however, have side-effects, such as stat and health abnormalities and sometimes even death. Many of these drug references were censored for the North American releases, however.


    In a war-torn Middle-Eastern land ravaged by a century of religious Crusades, a force of evil has emerged to prey on the weak and defenseless people. As Sadler, a battle-hardened veteran of the Holy Wars, you have answered the call to defend the people and rid the once peaceful land of the dreaded "Masters of Evil".

    The plot of the game detailed the further adventures of Sadler, taking place after the events of XZR. Now living in the time of the Christian Crusades, Sadler makes an attempt to unite the world under one God and achieve world peace. Along the way, he performs several rituals and fights various Hindu and Buddhist deities.

    Sadler meets the head of the Knights Templar, Hugues de Payens, and helps him search for the Holimax, a holy artefact. Sadler travels to several different countries, including France (where his love interest Rumi is kidnapped), India, Cambodia, and Japan. In a Cambodian temple, Sadler resurrects the Persian Manichaean prophet Mani. In Japan, Sadler rescues Ninkan, who in real life was head of Japanese sex cult Tachikawa-ryu. Afterwards, Sadler travels back in time to Eden and meets Bacchus. Sadler also murders Hiram Abiff, a Masonic figure. After defeating Jubelum of the Three Ruffians, Sadler receives the Holimax.

    Although the console versions end there, the computer versions continue the story, having Sadler warp to present-day Manhattan, where he fights skateboarding punks and zombies.

    Critical Reception

    When the TG-CD version was released Electronic Gaming Monthly issued the following scores, 7,8,7,7, adding, "...Working Designs has established a reputation for quality software, and this disc demonstrates how good a CD RPG can be. This quest is challenging and not linear as some of the newer ones are".


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