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Exoskeletons are suits that generally have ability-enhancing propertiies, as well as functioning as armor. The functionality differs from suit to suit. The technology is in development by the Army in an attempt to create the so-called "future soldier."

Video game characters with exo skeletons:

Grey Fox
Grey Fox

Grey Fox (Metal Gear Solid)

Grey Fox (Frank Jaeger) was a soldier who was killed on the battlefield by Solid Snake ( Metal Gear). However, his body was recovered and given life again by Dr. Clark ( Para Medic from Metal Gear Solid 3). He was fitted with an exoskeleton that has the ability to cloak. He was defeated in battle again by Solid Snake, but reappears to destroy the radome on Metal Gear Rex near the end of the game. A suit similar to Grey Fox's is worn by Olga in Metal Gear Solid 2.

Nomad (Crysis)

In Crysis, players control Nomad, a member of an elite military group that wears an exo skeleton that grants its wearer a set of powers.
 These powers include super strength, speed, improved armor and the ability to cloak. However, only one of these powers can be used at once and each power drains the suit's energy reserves, which fills up again over time.

Samus Aran
Samus Aran

Samus Aran (Metroid series)

You can't be an interstellar bounty hunter without some advanced gear, so Samus Aran is usually seen wearing her trademark Varia suit. While Samus dons many different suits throughout the Metroid series, they all look similar to this one. The most prominent and often-used part of her suit is the arm cannon, or Power Beam, which can be modified to shoot missiles, ice beams, plasma beams and all sorts of other beams and projectiles. Her most iconic ability is probably to roll up into a ball which can drop bombs and go really fast. Another ability which appears in many Metroid games is the grapple beam, which lets Samus' arm latch on to certain surfaces so she can swing from them. Variants on the suit allow her to withstand extreme heat, Phazon radiation and various other substances and situations.

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