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Developed by Blue Byte Studio GmbH, released in 1997. Players assume control of a futuristic Sioux AH-23 Attack helicopter and a T1 assault tank to battle space aliens, who have secretly set up operation on Earth. There are over 50 missions to play through as well as multi-player levels that allow up to 4 players to play together.

There are about twenty different types of enemies and six operation zones with various terrain in single-player mode.


  • Sioux AH-23: Helicopter. Fast, maneuverable and armed.

  • T1: A heavily armed battle tank. Has the ability to move sideways. Runs on glides over an anti-gravity field. Same weapons and weapon system as the AH-23.

  • Razor gun: Fires rounds that are similar to mini-missiles. They follow the target just about anywhere. Ammunition never runs out, but requires additional ammo to use all three barrels.

  • Laser Cannon: Useful against slow-moving or stationary targets. Never runs out of ammunition, but extra ammo is required to use the maximum fire power available.

  • Fire Flash: Supposedly a deadly weapon that can destroy an entire house. It has not been invented yet in the beginning of the game.

  • Guided Missile: Effective against fast and heavily armed opponents. Players must select a target to use the guidance feature. When there is less than six missiles left, players can pick up refills.

  • Smart Bomb: Most advanced and most intelligent bomb in existence. It will disseminate numerous rockets simultaneously.

  • Thunderbolt: Functions like a guided missile, covers an entire zone with grenades.



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