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As with the first installment Extreme-G 2 serves mostly the same niche as franchises like F-Zero and WipEout. Instead of using hover-ships, though, here you're racing on futuristic motor bikes and try to get an advantage over your competition by blowing them off the track with various weapons.

The game features 12 tracks with multiple paths. It also comes with some heavy in-game advertising from companies like STORM, Honda and Diesel. Feature-wise the game offers multiple multiplayer modes for up to 4 players and supports the N64 Rumble Pak.


In 2017 the game was re-released on Steam. This release of the game was developed by Acclaim Studios Cheltenham (previously Acclaim Studios London) and published by Throwback Entertainment.


Game Modes

Extreme-G 2
Extreme-G 2

The main mode of this game is the so-called "Extreme Contest". Here you unlock new tracks to be used in the other modes available in this game by completing multiple racing campaigns:


  • Timetrials
  • Arcade
  • Practice


  • Head to Head
  • Battle Arena
  • Multiplayer Cup

Easter Egg Game Modes


When starting an "Extreme Contest," giving the rider a special name unlocks special game views.

  • TRON Mode
  • WipeOut Mode
  • Turbo Mode
  • Wireframe Graphics Mode
  • Pixelated Graphics mode

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