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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 25, 1997

    Extreme-G is a futuristic racing game and is the first in the Extreme-G series.

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     Nope, this is not F-Zero!
    Nope, this is not F-Zero!

    The game is a futuristic racing game, as it shares some similarities with other futuristic racing games like F-Zero X. In the game the player is able to race with futuristic motorbikes powered by plasma, making it therefore possible to achieve speeds to over 750 km/h, which made this in fact one of the fastest racing games on the N64.

    Speed and creative racetrack designs are emphasized, since many of the tracks in the game are built like roller coasters. Perhaps the most notable aspect of this game is it's incredibly catchy Trance soundtrack, which is impressive considering the hardware limitations of the N64.


    In an distant future where the entire world is a complete wasteland, human colonists who have found a new planet to call home use their remote controlled power bikes to race through the wastelands of Earth. The winner is the first to cross the finish line, or the last to survive.

    Game modes

    Single Player

    • Extreme Contest
    • Practice Mode
    • Time Trial
    • Shoot' Em Up


    • Cup
    • Head to Head
    • Flag Game
    • Battle Arena


    The motorbikes each have their own strengths and weaknesses. They have these 5 characteristics.

    • Acceleration
    • Speed
    • Turns
    • Shield
    • Weapon

    Another difference between the bikes is the type of primary weapon being used.

    The player can choose between three types of weapons: Pulse, Excel and Laser.

    Tracks and Environments

    Tracks in Extreme-G are divided up into 4 general environment types: Desert, City, Mines, and Space.

    There are 12 standard tracks in the game, as well as some hidden tracks that can be unlocked by beating the single-player cups on various difficulties.

    The single-player cups are divided up as such:

    Atomic - Four tracks

    Critical Mass - Eight tracks

    Meltdown - All twelve tracks combined

    Any of these cups can be played on any of the 3 difficulties (Novice, Intermediate, and Extreme).


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