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Extreme Ghostbusters: Code Ecto-1 is an action game developed by Magic Pockets and co-published by Dreamcatcher Interactive and Light & Shadow Productions for Game Boy Advance. The game was published in EU/UK regions by Wanadoo Edition.


Ghostbusters Roland and Garrett have been kidnapped by a half-demon, half human named Count Mercharior and it's up to the rest of the team to save them!

Players take control of the Ecto-1 and drive all over New York to find clues as to where their missing friends are. Once there, Extreme Ghostbusters Kylie or Eduardo have to search the 3 different levels in each area to both their needed clue, and then defeat the Boss Ghost in the area.

Once back at headquarters, Egon Spengler will give Eduardo and Kylie information on what their next assignment will be. Once the Extreme Ghostbusters have figured out all of the clues, it's time for a final showdown with Count Mercharior to reunite the team once and for all.


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