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    F-14 Tomcat

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    An American-made supersonic fighter jet which was introduced in the 1970s.

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    The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic twin engine fighter jet. It was designed as a carrier-based air superiority fighter, maritime fleet defence fighter and interceptor to counter the threat that long-range anti-ship missiles posed to USN carrier battle groups, often with ranges in excess of 100 miles. The Tomcat's design deals with this with high speed and a very powerful radar, the AWG-9 radar which was designed to guide AIM-54 Phoenix missiles to targets 100 miles out. Up to 24 targets can be tracked simultaneously by  the AWG-9 radar. The F-14 features a swing-wing setup which allows the wings to change shape mid flight. It is crewed by a pilot and RIO(Radar Intercept Officer), who can employ a mix of weapons to engage multiple targets at once. 
    Although designed as an air superiority fighter (pure air-to-air fighter), D-model F-14 D's were later configured to carry LGB's to attack ground targets, as well. After it's retirement from US Navy service in 2006, Iran remains the sole user of the F-14.


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