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F-Zero Climax is a futuristic behind-the-back sci-fi racing game developed by Suzak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance exclusively in Japan on October 21, 2004.

The sequel to the 2003 game F-Zero: GP Legend, Climax is also based on the 2003-2004 anime F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu, itself an adaptation of the F-Zero game series. While it does not feature a dedicated Story mode, it features a new Survival mode that allows players to unlock character profiles and episode synopsis from the anime.

In addition, the game features an updated boost power mechanic (combining F-Zero X gauge-based boosting with F-Zero limited-use "super-boosting") and a built-in circuit editor (with support for transferring circuits to other players either via Link Cable or through passwords).

F-Zero Climax is notable for being the last game in the series (as of May 2021). It was later digitally re-released as a Virtual Console title for the Wii U exclusively in Japan on December 16, 2015.


The core gameplay is identical to that of the other 2D F-Zero games.

Like other F-Zero games, the player's booster unlocks at the start of the second lap. However, in Climax, the player also receives a "Super Boost" stock at the end of each lap. By pressing the booster button twice in succession, the machine gains an even stronger boost of speed at the cost of one stock.

The player can slide into turns or quickly shift to a side by using the shoulder buttons. Pressing L and R together executes a spin attack; the booster can be used to enhance this attack, as well.


Grand Prix

The main mode of the game. Players compete in five- or eight-track sets and attempt to place 1st.


The player take on a sequence of challenges, such as competing in a one lap race or staying above a certain speed limit. It consists of Tour, Challenge, and Battle.

Time Attack

The player can select a track from Grand Prix and race for the best time. It also includes the Zero Test, which challenges the player to complete a portion of track within a time limit.


This mode allows the player to create a track. The track can then be traded to friends using either the Link Cable or a password feature.


This allows up to four players to compete against each other.


This mode lets players change the controls, and includes two galleries: one features the profile for racers and their machines, and the other contains episode summaries for the anime series.


All 34 machines (and their drivers) from F-Zero: GP Legend return, along with four new ones (Red Bull, Soldier Anchor, and Hyper Death Anchor), and a hidden version of . In addition, players can unlock hidden versions of the Blue Falcon (driven by the new Captain Falcon) and the Dragon Bird (driven by Clank Hughes).

Like in F-Zero: GP Legend, each machine can be tuned between Acceleration and Top Speed and have their own unique rating, using a letter grade from E (weakest) to A (strongest), in three categories:

  • Body, which rates the machine's strength in terms to the damage it can withstand from collisions against both the wall and other racers.
  • Boost, which rates the machine's boost power in terms of speed increase and duration.
  • Grip, which rates machine's track "grip" in terms of maintaining control while turning corners.

In Single Pak multiplayer, the game only uses different-colored copies of the Dragon Bird (Green Bird, Yellow Bird, Red Bird, and Blue Bird).

CharacterVehicle / PodWeight (kg)BodyBoostGrip
Captain FalconBlue Falcon1260BCB
Dr. StewartGolden Fox1420DAD
PicoWild Goose1620ABC
Samurai GorohFire Stingray1960ADB
Jody SummerWhite Cat1150CCA
Mighty GazelleRed Gazelle1330EAC
BabaIron Tiger1780BDA
OctomanDeep Claw990BBC
Dr. ClashCrazy Bear2220ABE
Mr. EadGreat Star1870EAD
Bio RexBig Fang1520BDA
BillyMad Wolf1490BBC
Silver NeelsenNight Thunder1530BAE
Gomar & ShiohTwin Norita780EAC
John TanakaWonder Wasp900DAD
Mrs. ArrowQueen Meteor1140EBB
Blood FalconBlood Hawk1170BAE
Jack LevinAstro Robin1050BDA
James McCloudLittle Wyvern1390EBB
ZodaDeath Anchor1620EAC
Michael ChainWild Boar2110ACC
Super ArrowKing Meteor860EBB
Kate AllenSuper Piranha1010BCB
Roger BusterMighty Hurricane1780EBB
LeonSpace Angler910CCA
DraqMighty Typhoon950CAD
BeastmanHyper Speeder1460CCA
Antonio GusterGreen Panther2060ABD
Black ShadowBlack Bull2340AEA
The SkullSonic Phantom1010CAD
Ryu SuzakuDragon Bird1850BBB
Lucy LibertyElegance Liberty1000BCA
Lisa BrilliantPanzer Emerald1900ADB
Miss KillerMoon Shadow1110BCB
Dark SoldierSoldier Anchor1620EAC
"Captain Falcon"Blue Falcon1380BBC
BerserkerRed Bull2200ACB
Clank HughesDragon Bird1880BAC
Hyper ZodaHyper Death Anchor1670CAD


In Grand Prix, players initially have access to 30 courses, split into three Cups (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and two sets of difficulties (Novice/Standard and Expert). Players can complete one of the Expert Cups to unlock 15 additional courses (each of the three Cups in the Master difficulty).

Completing these Cups at any difficulty unlocks a fourth Cup (Platinum Cup, which is based on the Platinum Cup from F-Zero: GP Legend and contains eight circuits from the original F-Zero). Completing Platinum Cup unlocks access to a new unique circuit for Time Attack (White Land: Eagle Circuit).

In Single Pak multiplayer, the game only uses one unique circuit (Fire Field: Rat Race).

Bronze Cup (Novice/Standard)

  1. Mute City: Six Carat
  2. Sand Ocean: High Speed Edge
  3. Port Town: Sky Highway
  4. White Land: Wolf
  5. Fire Field: Heat Circuit

Silver Cup (Novice/Standard)

  1. Big Blue: Slalom
  2. Red Canyon: Inside Out
  3. Mist Flow: Double Link
  4. Fire Field: Front Line
  5. Silence: Nightmare

Gold Cup (Novice/Standard)

  1. Lightning: R Trace
  2. Port Town: Half Dome
  3. Sand Ocean: Key Break
  4. Big Blue: Slip Down
  5. Illusion: Lost Way

Bronze Cup (Expert)

  1. Mute City: Eight Carat
  2. White Land: White Wolf
  3. Big Blue: Arch Hill
  4. Port Town: Sky Highway II
  5. Red Canyon: Inside Out II

Silver Cup (Expert)

  1. Sand Ocean: High Speed Edge II
  2. Lightning: Trust Jump
  3. Mist Flow: Mist Ring
  4. Mute City: Cactus Circuit
  5. Fire Field: Burnt-Out Rink

Gold Cup (Expert)

  1. White Land: Hornet
  2. Silence: Nightmare Fear
  3. Big Blue: Single Course
  4. Sand Ocean: Key Break II
  5. Illusion: Lost Way II

Bronze Cup (Master)

  1. Red Canyon: Barrel Roll
  2. Sand Ocean: High Speed Edge III
  3. Lightning: G Trace
  4. Mute City: Ten Carat
  5. White Land: Last Wolf

Silver Cup (Master)

  1. Mute City: Cactus Circuit II
  2. Mist Flow: Puzzle Ring
  3. Lightning: Loss Landing
  4. Fire Field: Front Line II
  5. Silence: Nightmare One

Gold Cup (Master)

  1. Port Town: Half Dome II
  2. White Land: Hornet House
  3. Sand Ocean: Key Break
  4. Big Blue: Twin Course
  5. Illusion: Lost Way III

Platinum Cup

Unlocked by clearing all three other Cups. Each of the eight circuits are based on circuits from the original F-Zero and do not have separate Expert or Master variants.

  1. Mute City: Multiply
  2. Big Blue: Big Billow
  3. Silence: Silence II
  4. Port Town: Great Wings
  5. Red Canyon: Red Canyon II
  6. Sand Ocean: Sand Ocean
  7. White Land: White Land II
  8. Fire Field: Fire Field

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