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F-Zero GP Legend is the seventh installment of the F-Zero franchise, developed by Suzak Inc. and published by Nintendo. GP Legend includes characters and a story mode that recounts the events from the anime of the same name, which had 51 episodes and broadcast on Japanese and North American television networks from 2003 to 2004. The game contains five game modes, 34 total drivers, and numerous race tracks over four cups.

Gameplay and Game Modes


F-Zero GP Legend retains the gameplay mechanics of the F-Zero franchise. The player can maneuver, accelerate, brake, boost, and attack with their vehicle while racing on course.

Game Modes


The game's story mode features eight characters that recounts their account of events of the F-Zero GP Legend story. Each character has five total missions that the player must accomplish in order to advance the character's story. GP Legend's missions offers different challenges for the player to complete outside of finishing first in a race, such as following a machine to a destination or destroy a specific machine within a number of laps in a race.

Grand Prix

Grand Prix mode is F-Zero's classic race mode that pits the player against 29 other racers over five race courses in a cup (Platinum Cup has eight races). GP Legend features three difficulty levels (novice, standard, expert) and four cups (bronze, silver, gold, platinum). Platinum cup is unlocked once the player completes all cups on novice and standard difficulties.

Expert difficulty presents the "second" versions of each track for bronze, silver, and gold cups. Each track under those three cups feature course changes that provide a tougher challenge.

Time Attack

Time Attack gives the player five laps to post the fastest lap and total times on a race course.


Training mode allows the player to simulate racing conditions by choosing the number of computer racers and their difficulty level over a desired number of laps on a race course.

Zero Test

Zero Test mode challenges the player's skill by having the player complete a section of a race course with a designated machine under a targeted time. Players can earn a gold, silver, or bronze trophies if they complete the challenge under the trophy's target time.

Race Courses

Bronze Cup

  • Mute City - Tradition Park
  • Red Canyon - Junction
  • Mist Flow - Clip Oval
  • Lightning - Volute
  • Fire Field - Blast Track

Silver Cup

  • Silence - Box Rink
  • Sand Ocean - Caterpillar
  • Mute City - Expansion Park
  • Big Blue - Slip Highway
  • Mist Flow - Front & Back

Gold Cup

  • Port Town - Forked Road
  • Silence - Honeycomb Rink
  • White Land - Flower
  • Fire Field - Wreckage Circuit
  • Red Canyon - Peak Jump
  • Illusion - Abyss Drop (appears in place of Red Canyon in standard and expert difficulties)

Platinum Cup

  • Mute City - Mute City I
  • Big Blue - Big Blue
  • Silence - Silence
  • Port Town - Port Town II
  • Red Canyon - Red Canyon
  • Sand Ocean - Sand Ocean
  • White Land - White Land II
  • Fire Field - Fire Field


  • Mute City - Championship (This track is only playable in Time Attack mode, and is unlocked when the player completes all cups on all difficulties.)

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