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    F-Zero X

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Jul 14, 1998

    Nintendo's fast-paced sci-fi racing series is brought into full 3D for the Nintendo 64, with a revamped sense of speed, updated modes (including split-screen multiplayer), and wilder track layouts.

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    F-Zero returns, now with more death-defying courses!
    F-Zero returns, now with more death-defying courses!

    F-Zero X is a futuristic behind-the-back sci-fi racing game developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 in Japan on July 14, 1998, in North America on October 26, 1998, and in Europe on November 6, 1998.

    A sequel to the SNES racing game F-Zero, F-Zero X revamps the original's racing formula with faster pacing and fully-3D courses, allowing more unique tracks with hills, corkscrews, loops, tunnels, and pipes. In addition, it changes the race formula to remove the lap-based boost limits (where boosting now takes up the vehicle's energy gauge instead), improve collision-based combat (where players can utilize side and spin attacks to damage opposing machines), and remove the per-lap disqualification system. Rather than use generic opponents, the game introduces a full 30-machine roster, each with unique machine characteristics.

    Along with the traditional Grand Prix mode (where a point-based ranking system, similar to the Mario Kart series, is now used), the game includes updated Practice and Time Attack modes (where any course can be used), split-screen multiplayer in VS Battle (with up to four players racing at one time), and a unique "Death Race" mode (where players attempt to eliminate all opponents in a specialized course as fast as they can). The game includes a new set of 24 courses, 18 of which are unlocked from the start, and an unlockable procedurally-generated course.

    The game later received an expansion in the form of the F-Zero X Expansion Kit, released exclusively in Japan for the 64DD disk drive peripheral on April 21, 2000. Requiring the original game itself, this expansion features additional music tracks, new courses, and the ability to create custom machines, courses, and Cups.

    The game (sans the expansion) was later digitally re-released as a Virtual Console title for the Wii (in 2007) and Wii U (in 2016-2017).


    Grand Prix

    The main mode of F-Zero X in which there are five cups selectable (two of them have to be unlocked like the X Cup, a cup filled of randomly generated courses). Four difficulties are also selectable (Master as to be unlocked). With more cars on the track (30 to be exact), the racing is fast and chaotic as opposing racers will bump the player's car as well as a rival driver the player has to beat. Whoever has the highest number of points wins the cup after five courses. Like the original F-Zero, the car has a health meter and will lose one life if it brakes down (health is at zero) or fall off the stage. Also from the original, boosting is in as soon as the second lap begins as using it takes off a portion of the car's health.

    Time Attack

    This mode is the player's car and only their car going through a certain course as fast as possible.

    Death Race

    The goal of this mode is to take out all the competition as fast as possible.


    Up to four players locally can compete on any of the courses.


    Along with the four machines from the original game (Blue Falcon, Golden Fox, Wild Goose, and Fire Stingray), the game includes 26 new machines to choose from. Unlike the previous game, where most opposing machines are copies of a generic machine, F-Zero X uses its entire roster in each race. Most of these machines are locked from the start.

    Each machine can be finely-tuned between Acceleration and Max Speed prior to the start of each race, and each machine has their own unique rating, using a letter grade from E (weakest) to A (strongest), in three categories:

    • Body, which rates the machine's strength in terms to the damage it can withstand from collisions against the wall and competing racers.
    • Boost, which rates the machine's boost power in terms of speed increase and duration.
    • Grip, which rates machine's track "grip" in terms of maintaining control while turning corners.

    Each machine also has multiple alternate color schemes.

    With the F-Zero X Expansion Kit add-on, players can create new machines (using pre-made parts) and can change the machine used for each driver in the roster.

    1st Row

    Unlocked from the start.

    With the F-Zero X Expansion Kit, players can change the Blue Falcon, Fire Stingray, and White Cat to their upgraded "Super Falcon", "Super Stingray", and "Super Cat" versions, each with maximum ratings in all three categories and unique driver portraits.

    Blue FalconCaptain FalconBCB
    Golden FoxDr. StewartDAD
    Wild GoosePicoBBC
    Fire StingraySamurai GorohADB
    White CatJody SummerCCA
    Red GazelleMighty GazelleEAC

    2nd Row

    Unlocked after obtaining 3 X marks.

    Iron TigerBabaBDA
    Deep ClawOctomanBBC
    Crazy BearDr. ClashABE
    Great StarMr. EADEAD
    Big FangBio RexBDA
    Mad WolfBillyBBC

    3rd Row

    Unlocked after obtaining 6 X marks.

    Night ThunderSilver NeelsenBAE
    Twin NorittaGomar & ShiohEAC
    Wonder WaspJohn TanakaDAD
    Queen MeteorMrs. ArrowEBB
    Blood HawkBlood FalconBAE
    Astro RobinJack LevinBDA

    4th Row

    Unlocked after obtaining 9 X marks.

    Little WyvernJames McCloudEBB
    Death AnchorZodaEAC
    Wild BoarMichael ChainACC
    King MeteorSuper ArrowEBB
    Super PiranhaKate AlenBCB
    Mighty HurricaneRoger BusterEBB

    5th Row

    Unlocked after obtaining 12 X marks.

    Space AnglerLeonCCA
    Mighty TyphoonDraqCAD
    Hyper SpeederBeastmanCCA
    Green PantherAntonio GusterABD
    Black BullBlack ShadowAEA
    Sonic PhantomThe SkullCAD


    The base game includes 24 courses (not including the special course used for the Death Race mode), only 18 of which are unlocked from the start. In addition, the game includes an unlockable set of courses that are procedurally-generated.

    Some courses have different sub-titles in the Japanese version.

    Jack Cup

    1. Mute City: Figure Eight / Eight Road
    2. Silence: High Speed
    3. Sand Ocean: Pipe
    4. Devil's Forest: Corkscrew / Screw
    5. Big Blue: Cylinder
    6. Port Town: High Jump

    Queen Cup

    1. Sector α: Inverted Loop / Rollover
    2. Red Canyon: Multi Jump / Jump, Jump
    3. Devil's Forest 2: Up and Down / Up, Down
    4. Mute City 2: Technique / Technical
    5. Big Blue 2: Quick Turn
    6. White Land: Dangerous Steps / Step-up Road

    King Cup

    1. Fire Field: Zig-Zag Jump
    2. Silence 2: Wavy Road / Wave Road
    3. Sector β: Double Somersault / Moonsault
    4. Red Canyon 2: Slim Line
    5. White Land 2: Half Pipe
    6. Mute City 3: Jumps of Doom / Clank, Clank

    Joker Cup

    Unlocked after finishing first in all three starting Cups in GP Mode on the Standard difficulty (or above).

    The first course, Rainbow Road, is based on the Rainbow Road track from Mario Kart 64. The fifth course, Port Town 2, is based on the Port Town II course from the original F-Zero.

    1. Rainbow Road: Psychedelic Experience / Rainbow Road
    2. Devil's Forest 3: Mirror Road
    3. Space Plant: Cylinder & High Jump
    4. Sand Ocean 2: Wave Panic
    5. Port Town 2: Snake Road
    6. Big Hand: Deadly Curves / Big Hand


    Unlocked after finishing first in all four Cups in GP Mode on the Expert difficulty, the X-Cup is unique in that all six courses are procedurally-generated.

    Expansion Kit Courses

    When paired with the F-Zero X Expansion Kit, an extra set of 12 courses are added along with the ability to create custom courses and custom Cups.

    DD-1 Cup

    1. Silence 3: Outside Loop
    2. Sand Ocean 3: Cylinder Loop
    3. Devil's Forest 4: Diving
    4. Port Town 3: Zig-Zag Clank
    5. Devil's Forest 5: X
    6. Big Blue 3: Japan

    DD-2 Cup

    1. Mute City 4: Slim Half Pipe
    2. Space Plant 2: Straight Jump
    3. Port Town 4: Trap Road
    4. Fire Field 2: 180 Rolling
    5. White Land 3: Star
    6. Big Foot: Big Foot

    Edit Cup

    Allows players to customize their six-course Cup with both included and custom courses.


    Original Soundtrack

    1. "Endless Challenge" - 2:45
    2. "Dream Chaser" - 3:37
    3. "Fall Down to the Scream" - 2:26
    4. "Decide in the Eyes" - 3:34
    5. "Devil's Call in Your Heart" - 2:20
    6. "The Long Distance of Murder" - 2:33
    7. "Crazy Call at Cry" - 3:12
    8. "Drivin' Through on Max" - 2:41
    9. "Climb Up! And Get the Last Chance!" - 2:50
    10. "All Need is 30 Deaths" - 1:52
    11. "Title BGM" - 2:53
    12. "Car Select" - 1:19
    13. "Option" - 1:02
    14. "Start Demo" - 0:09
    15. Goal Fanfare" - 0:10
    16. "Goal BGM" - 1:17
    17. "Retire" - 0:12
    18. "Game Over" - 0:17
    19. "Grandprix Ending" - 1:25
    20. "Staff Roll" - 2:46
    21. "Win! The Staff Ghost 1 Mute City" - 1:28
    22. "Win! The Staff Ghost 2 Silence" - 1:20
    23. "Win! The Staff Ghost 3 Devil's Forest" - 1:27
    24. "Win! The Staff Ghost 4 Port Town 1" - 1:39
    25. "Win! The Staff Ghost 5 Red Canyon" - 1:23
    26. "Win! The Staff Ghost 6 Big Blue 2" - 1:13
    27. "Win! The Staff Ghost 7 White Land" - 1:43
    28. "Win! The Staff Ghost 8 Fire Field" - 1:28
    29. "Win! The Staff Ghost 9 Sector-β" - 1:45

    Guitar Remixes

    1. "The Long Distance of Murder" - 2:44
    2. "Drivin' Through on Max" - 3:12
    3. "Crazy Call at Cry" - 3:19
    4. "Title BGM" - 3:10
    5. "Decide in the Eyes" - 4:04
    6. "Climb Up! And Get the Last Chance!" - 4:26
    7. "Endless Challenge" - 3:17
    8. "Dream Chaser" - 3:43
    9. "Grand Prix Ending" - 3:27
    10. "Staff Roll" - 5:21

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