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A great entry on a underrated series

Initially titled "F-Zero 64", F-Zero X is the second game on the F-Zero series, and the first one to have 3D graphics. A very well liked but not that big of a franchise, in my opinion is still underrated, specially looking back at how fun the games were and how little people paid attention to them compared to other big series. This game gives you 3 Grand Prix and 6 machines to choose from, at the start, as well as four difficulties to pick. And at the end you will have 30 machines, and a extra Grand Prix, as well as a later secret one that will always give you 6 random courses, so you can keep playing for a very long time.

It feels really fast, and at the time it was unreal to see that the game had 30 competitors racing at one time, it was never done before. The soundtrack is one of the very best of the N64 as well. The machines felt balance, each having strenghts and weaknesses, varying from blowing up easier, handling better, and things like that. It also gives you other game modes, like Death Race, Time Attack and a Versus Mode.

If you liked N64 games, this is a game for you. I wish more people played it at the time.

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