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    F1 2010

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Sep 21, 2010

    Developed by Codemasters and using the Ego engine, Formula One 2010 is the first truly next generation F1 game that contains all the cars, drivers and tracks from the 2010 season, putting a heavy emphasis on simulating real life weather effects.

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    Great F1 Sim from CM 0

    I'm fairly uneducated in the world of Formula 1 racing, but that didn't stop me from trying out Codemasters' newest F1 series title (plus I really like the EGO engine!). I typically play the more traditional racing games and I didn't really know what to expect from playing the game, but I do know that only 10 or so minutes in I was already hooked!  Unlike most racing games, and simulation titles for that matter, F1 2010 doesn't waste any time in getting you right into the fast-paced world of For...

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    And it started so well... 3

    Every now and then a game comes along which makes you question the credibility of journalists. Those games that make you think you ended up getting a different version to what the press received. Formula 1 2010 is one of those games.  I have been an avid fan of the sport of Formula 1 for over twenty years. I was fortunate enough to go the the very last Adelaide Grand Prix as a youngster. I make a point of watching every qualifying and race session of the racing calendar. It is with this in mind ...

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    Fun But Flawed Game 0

    It has been quite some time since we have seen an officially licensed Formula 1 game. Codemasters gives us F1 2010 having picked up the license after Sony held the exclusive rights for the past few years. Codemasters is known for making some great racing games, dating back to the excellent TOCA Touring Cars on the PS1. However, as fun as the game is, it is brought down by bugs and flaws in the game that prevent it from being top notch.  The first thing anyone wants to know about any racing games...

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    Decent first attempt. 0

    Codemasters latest racing game F1 2010 is a very interesting take on a game series which always seems to struggle finding the right audience across a wide spectrum of gamers. You see one of the key problems with past formula 1 title’s have lied within the person who was playing the game.   For example there is the gamer who decides that he is going to give the game a arcade like feel and blast around the tracks in time trial mode to see if he can improve each time, Then there are the casual ...

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    for F1 fans only 1

     As far as console F1 games, you won't get any better than this. That isn't saying a whole lot but I will say it's a very good racing game. I like all the things that try to make it an F1 experience like setting up your car with your engineer, weather forecasts, live sector timing, car development, pit lane speed limiters etc etc. The real meat of the game, the racing is very good and what you can expect racing an F1 car. The car takes high speed corners with such tenacity that it's no wo...

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    A good game buried under a mountain of bugs. 0

     F1 2010 is the new Formula One game from Codemasters, the same developers who bought us Grid, Dirt and the Toca series. Codemasters are obviously not new to the racing genre so when it was announced that they were working on an F1 game hopes were high, after all they knew their stuff. Unfortunately somewhere something went very wrong and the result is a buggy mess. Graphically the game does look good, not up to the standard set by Dirt2 but well above average for a multiplatform game. The track...

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    The sunset over Monaco. 1

      To an onlooker, motorsport seems like a dense and very niche subject filled with people you wouldn’t want to bring round for dinner, because rather inevitably the conversation would be filled with, opposite lock, rear diff’s, gear ratios, side partings and a very healthy dose of Ferrari badges. Codemasters seem to have realized this and as a result F1 2010 strips most of that away and delivers a fine driving and F1 experience to those not necessarily “in the know” The experience in question ...

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    A Radical Racer 0

     I wrote this for my blog but thought I'd share it here too with you guys. :) I'm in Bahrain and it's the first race of the season. I've qualified to 18th grid position after two days of practice and two qualifying sessions. My racing team wants me to finish 18th, and I'm confident, I know this track now like the back of my hand though I don't know how to handle myself within a pack of other racers. I'm playing with a Logitech G25 steering wheel and the difficulty is on hard with ...

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    A genuine contender for pole-position. 0

    Watching on TV Formula One looks almost too easy - high performance machines engineered to perfection gliding serenely around Silverstone and Spa or darting amongst the buildings of historic Monaco. The fact is television has lied to you, perhaps not for the first time. F1 cars do not glide serenely, they are yowling, skittery, terrifying visions from a psychopaths nightmares. Trying to get one around Monaco without binning it unassisted is like attaching a pair of screaming tigers to a child's ...

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