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    FA Cup

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    A major football tournament played between English football clubs.

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    The FA Cup:

    The Cup
    The Cup

    Football Association Challenge Cup , also known as FA Cup, is the world’s most traditionally enriched cup and is held in England.  

    The FA Cup was first played in 1871-72 and the tournament was named after the English Football Association, FA. In contrast to the League Cup, the FA Cup is often referred to as ’the real’ Cup Challenge. Manchester United holds the record of winning 11 times, while Arsenal F.C. has won 10 times.

    The tournament was canceled twice, due to World War 1 in 1916-1919, and World War 2 in 1940-1945, but is still going strong.


    The ten teams with most victories:

    Manchester United  – 11 times, the last one in 2004

    Arsenal – 10 times, the last one in 2005

    Tottenham Hotspur – 8 times, the last one in 1991

    Liverpool – 7 times, the last one in 2006

    Aston Villa – 7 times, the last one in 1957

    Newcastle United – 6 times, the last one in 1955

    Blackburn Rovers – 6 times, the last one in 1928

    Everton – 5 times, the last one in 1995

    West Bromwich Albion – 5 times, the last one in 1968

    Wanderes – 5 times, the last one in 1878


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