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Fabian The Fastman

Age: 19
Blood type: B
Affiliation: S.S.S

Fabians real name is Fabian Fatman, who are known for their immense wealth, He didnt like be associated with them so che changed his name to "fastman". He was a classmate with Mika at officer school and was lucky enough to join the S.S.S along with him. They have become very competitive since  to the annoyance of fabian.


Fabians Rounder
Fabians Rounder

Name: Graphride (Mortivalie)


Main Attack                    X
Sub Attack                     Y
Blitz Saber                    B

Topspin Fire                Forward, Forward, B
Blitz Lance                   Back, Back, Forward, B
Blitz Arrow                    Half-Circle, B

B.O.S.S.: Twin Shot                      X
B.O.S.S.: Burst Ball                       Y
 B.O.S.S.: Formation Change     A
FINAL B.O.S.S.: Big Wave           B

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