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    Fable II Pub Games

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 13, 2008

    A collection of the three pub-style games in Fable II, originally released as a pre-order bonus for that game. Players transfer gold and exclusive items for their Heroes in Fable II.

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    Don't waste your time 0

    The Pub Games are very unique in the fact that you can transfer gold earned in them to your Fable 2 character, once the game arrives.   The only problem with that is there is only one game, Fortune's Tower, that can earn you money.   Hopefully, you didn't pay the $10 in MS points to purchase this game and got it for free with your $10 reserve at Gamestop.   If you did pay for the game, I truly feel sorry for you.   The game comes packed with 3 shallow, and rather boring, "games of chance" that y...

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    An excellent pre-order incentive 0

    I view this game from the stand point that it is a free pre-order gift. If you purchased this game from XBLA I could see why you are upset. While looking at it as a free gift it is an excellent way to drum up hype for Fable 2 and waste an afternoon. Since a pre-order costs nothing, buying the game is like throwing away 10 dollars and I have no idea why you would want to waste your money. I see no need to even review this, but the simple fact is the games are fun. Sorry to everyone that downloade...

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    This is NOT Representative of Fable 2 0

    Firstly, I decided to write this review of the Fable 2 Pub Games because of all the complaining that the Pub Games have put people off Fable 2 to the extent people are cancelling their pre-order. The Fable 2 Pub Games are made by a separate company to Lionhead head called Carbonated Games. These are the same people that created Uno for the Xbox Live Arcade. Admittedly, it isn't particularly smart for Lionhead to associate their next up and coming game with an Arcade game that has been scoring ne...

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    If only it were FREE for Everyone 0

    Where do i Begin, Fable 2 Pub Games has to be one of the worst games available on XBLA, and has the title says "if only it where FREE..." not only is this one of the most absurdly priced games at 800 MP. It is also one of the more disgusting thing Microsoft has done to its loyal fans, Pub Games is a cheaply made cash in on a popular first party game. Of course fans will want to buy it since it allows u to get a leg up on the game months before the review and  it does have some rewards, not only ...

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    Giving 800 points a bad name 0

    When announced, Fable II Pub Games was teased as an in-game feature to Fable II, but quickly turned around as an Xbox Live Arcade game so players could start their journey in Albion in the life of luxury.  This, however is not so easy as the games are built entirely on luck, and anytime you earn money, it isn't a lot and takes a long time to accumulate.There are 3 games in Pub Games, Fortune's Tower, Keystone and Spinnerbox, and only the first seems to be the most thoughtout one of the bunch as ...

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    400 / 800 MSP 0

    The Fable 2 Pub Games is an XBOX Live Marketplace arcade game that integrates winnings from your arcade character with the soon-to-be-released Fable 2. The games are all fairly solid with quite a bit of variety per game; however, with only three semi-imaginative games it will keep only people set on buying Fable 2 around for any length.The game starts by choosing one of eight characters with 500 gold and zero debt. There is an option to merge characters and a panel with slots open for Fable 2 ch...

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    SHOCKED this required points... 0

    In concept, I was into a simple gambling game that would allow me to earn gold for a game I was sure to play in the future. Win Win.In reality, these games, which require no skill at all besides some 1st grade level card counting, are a perfect example of flushing your life down the toilet. Pushing A over and over is NOT in anyone's most dramatic reading, a game. This is a perfect example of marketers taking advantage of people who trust the franchise in order to make money while promoting the g...

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    Im Scared 0

    Belive me when I say I am a HUGE Fable fan i must have played the original about 11 times now it gets better every time.When I heard about fable 2 i couldent belive it my favourite game was back so I preorded it as you would if you were me .Anyway however I dident get a code to get pub games for free (I preorded the bonus content version maybe that was it i dont know exactly) so anyway i thought i should have the full Fable 2 package so i did the unthinkable i bought pub games so anyway to cut a...

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    Worth it for Fable 2, but broken for a stand alown game. 0

    Well if you are like me you pre-ordered a copy of Fable 2 and got this game with it. But for an 800 point game it's horrible.Over all this game is very annoying.  There are three mini-games which include Spinnerbox, Keystone, and Fortune's Tower.  All of these are gambling games with really slim chances of winning anything. Because 10-15 minutes in you will be really really ticked off because you haven't won a thing. But for each one of the games there is a set of tournaments you can enter and p...

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    Fable II Pub Games 0

    If you want to get your first small taste of Fable II, then Fable II Pub Games will give you just that. While gambling your gold away playing three games, you’ll be able earn extra gold and items that you can use in Fable II. The games can be fun and quick to play, but since there are only three games to choose from you might not be playing this for too long. The Pub Games are all about pushing your luck to win money for your character in Fable II. The first game you can play is called Fortune’s...

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    Not Worth $10, but Fun when Free 1

    For years now fans of Peter Molyneux's original Fable have been anxiously awaiting the release of his next gen sequel to the 2004 sword-and-sorcery RPG. It's fair to say that Molyneux has been known in some circles for his exaggerated claims and broad visions more than for his games themselves, some of which have been lackluster (a popular example being 2001's Black and White, which I actually enjoyed, but nevermind). Molyneux seems to have an obsession with giving gamers choice between playing ...

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    A steeply priced slice 0

     A lot of smaller sections in large games get overlooked. Take western RPGs for example. There may be some sort of gambling mini-game, in which you can win big or lose big. The problem is, because these games are so vast and feature so many other ways (and quite possibly, better ways) to earn currency, these smaller diversions often go unnoticed. But what if the smaller game was the entire game? That’s what Fable II Pub Games is. A vertical slice of Fable II, a sampling of one element. The gambl...

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    Great way to get you excited. 0

    *This review was done Aug 18, 2008."Since I'm dieing for Fable II, this was a no brainer. Don't hurt that it was free either. I mainly played for the items and some gold. I will admit I used the Fortune's Tower cheat but I didn't QQ on the forums about how it ruined this or that. After reading the forum this past week, some people just need to get on with their lives. I still had to win the other two tournaments on my own so I don't feel guilty....

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