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    Fable II Pub Games

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 13, 2008

    A collection of the three pub-style games in Fable II, originally released as a pre-order bonus for that game. Players transfer gold and exclusive items for their Heroes in Fable II.

    capncloudchaser's Fable II Pub Games (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

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    This is NOT Representative of Fable 2

    Firstly, I decided to write this review of the Fable 2 Pub Games because of all the complaining that the Pub Games have put people off Fable 2 to the extent people are cancelling their pre-order. The Fable 2 Pub Games are made by a separate company to Lionhead head called Carbonated Games. These are the same people that created Uno for the Xbox Live Arcade. Admittedly, it isn't particularly smart for Lionhead to associate their next up and coming game with an Arcade game that has been scoring negatively across the board, but it must be said that the Fable 2 Pub Games do not represent the quality and gameplay of Fable 2!

    I also think people are being too harsh with this game and forgetting the good points it has, should they actually bother to play it past five minutes.

    For a start, most professional reviwers seem to omit the fact that in-game items and concept art are unlocked by playing through the different games, earning points and taking part in tournaments. The tournaments are held against computer opponents, which is a shame, as an online multiplayer version would have been preferred, but you can make some good money by taking part in the tournaments and don't lose as drastically compared to the solo efforts.

    I'll agree that the games are based on luck, especially Spinnerbox, but for a game based on slots, what would you expect? Tower of Fortune is the most fun out of the lot and requires a degree of strategy when deciding when to quit with your winnings or losses, but of course it is also down to the luck of the draw. Keystone is also based on luck, but like playing roulette, a statistical system, and even a sense of 'card counting' used within betting, can net you some high earnings. I suspect a lot of people complaining about the luck system are unfamiliar with how odds and stakes work and need to find a system of their own.

    The game can be cruel, but the real money to be earned happens within the later unlocked games where higher bets mean more money. If you really hate the debt you have earned, then guess what? You can reset your stats or even use a different character! According to the official Lionhead community, debt won't even be that much of a big deal within Fable 2 anyway, thus it is worth landing yourself in a small amount of debt at the start in order to unlock higher odds games and to unlock those items for use in Fable 2.

    Would I reccomend this for 800 points? No. It's not worth 800 on its own, 400 yes, but not 800. However, since most people who are interested in the Pub Games are also awaiting Fable 2, then it would make sense to pre-order Fable 2 and get the Pub Games free. As a free Arcade game, it's a nifty little game to play, and you can always just get your 200 Gamerpoints from it if nothing else.

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