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    Fable II Pub Games

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 13, 2008

    A collection of the three pub-style games in Fable II, originally released as a pre-order bonus for that game. Players transfer gold and exclusive items for their Heroes in Fable II.

    grilledcheez's Fable II Pub Games (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

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    Don't waste your time

    The Pub Games are very unique in the fact that you can transfer gold earned in them to your Fable 2 character, once the game arrives.   The only problem with that is there is only one game, Fortune's Tower, that can earn you money.


     Hopefully, you didn't pay the $10 in MS points to purchase this game and got it for free with your $10 reserve at Gamestop.   If you did pay for the game, I truly feel sorry for you.   The game comes packed with 3 shallow, and rather boring, "games of chance" that you can play to get gold and items for Fable 2.


     The first game is called "Fortune's Tower" and is what you will make your gold in.   The game is a card game that begins with one card flipped over.   After the initial card is put down, 2 more are immediately put down underneath it creating the top of a "tower".   The object of the game is to get 7 rows (including the first card) made to build the tower.   If you have a vertical match however the cards will "burn" and the top card will replace the bottom of the two, allowing you to play on.   However, if you get another match without a knight in that row, the game is over and your bet is lost.


     If this sounds fun to you, I recommend you try the demo first.   You will soon realize that the game doesn't feel random as it should and more often than not, you'll find yourself going through long streaks of losing money.   Most people out there, in fact, are probably using the glitch to make money right now thereby showing just how terrible this game actually is.


     The next game is called “Keystone”.   This one actually is presented in an interesting fashion, but again, you won’t be making any significant money here.   A series of stones are arranged in a semicircle around a game board with various places to place your bets.   You must start by betting on at least one of the arch pieces on the outside and then proceed to making your bets on the inside.   Once you have decided on how much you are betting and where, the dice are rolled, and mostly everybody loses.   There are safer spots than others, but the ones that make you real money rarely come up.  


     Both of the aforementioned games get old really fast, but they both pale in comparison to “Spinnerbox”.   The game is essentially like a slot machine.   The only difference is that it is triangular in shape, and you win far less than on a real slot machine (not a fun game).   I won’t even bother going into more detail than that…and I’m sure if you browsed the forums you would read countless stories of it being a button masher and people not even looking towards the screen as they “play”.


     The game is rather bland looking, the controls are very basic, and the sound is very repetitive gets on your nerves fast (I recommend a custom soundtrack with sounds muted ;)


     I was actually expecting more out of this game for whatever reason and it definitely did not deliver.   Having said that, it IS playable, but it is very boring and you won’t get much unless you cheat.

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