Anyone want the Demon Door achievement?

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Just about to open the last Demon Door if anyone wants to join my game.

You will need the latest DLC "See the Future" to unlock it.

The Demon Doors arent hard really but can be boring but I thought I will offer a bit of help for someone. Add me "Webby111" I want to do this in the next few mins. 
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#2 Posted by Pibo47 (3238 posts) -

Dudes. I am totally up for that.

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#3 Posted by JJWeatherman (15022 posts) -

That is a really good idea. You have inspired me, next time I have a chance to do something like this I will try to come on and post. I can't think of any other games that have an achievement systems as crazy as Fables though, where you can just join a game and get a grip of achievements.     :P

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#4 Posted by saadomar001 (5 posts) -

i am about to do the same, if anyone needs the achievement, just holla at yo boi!

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