Can you not cheat gold in Fable II anymore?

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Hey, I've bought both DLC packs for Fable II. I haven't played in awhile, and just started a new character recently. After beating the game, I decided to start cheating gold again like I used to. Previously, I disconnected from live, set the clock to 2025, and let the gold pile up. But ever since downloading the DLC, I haven't been able to load my character offline. Is there a way to use DLC offline? It's odd because I haven't changed my hard drive or Xbox... Anyway, if I can't get enough gold to buy EVERYTHING this way, what would you suggest?

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@TooWalrus: A great way to get a load of gold is to get a very generous friend who practically owns every property in the game to join co-op with you. Luckily, I'm fortunate to have such a friend. 
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Get lucky, basically. I was just walking around the market with co op turned on and some random dude came up to me and gave me 11 million gold and walked away.

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