Fable 2 Video Interview - Video Preview?

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#1 Posted by Weltal (2304 posts) -

So, after watching Brad's Peter Molyneux interview I was wondering is there going to be a video preview coming up at some point?

Also, I love that Giant Bomb is getting all these cool video interviews and such, it really makes the site feel like it's already coming into legitimacy in the games industry. Which I guess shouldn't be surprising considering the staff, but still, it's nice to see.

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#2 Posted by Jayge_ (10270 posts) -

Hopefully there will be. That was a good interview. Brad said in the comments that there will be at least a written preview soon, I think.

Also, not to derail, but this IGN Preview also just went up tonight. Embedded in it is a LiveWire Demo that shows some pretty awesome stuff. It's best to ingest all of this content all at once, to be hit with the "I want to play this" as hard as possible.

Seriously though? My expectations were definitely raised a bit after all of this. I do believe my economy-centric blog seems to have proven to be true according to Goldstein's preview.

Either way, an eventful night for Mr. Molyneux, no?

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#3 Posted by pirate_republic (1151 posts) -

Yes, Brad said there is a preview coming soon in the comments.

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