My opinion of the ending (spoilers)

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Did anyone else really miss the option of resurecting Rose? I kindof would have seen it as a natural thing, since you went and avenged her and all... Shouldyn't she be included in family? Or if it's an all powerfull device, why can't i have it all?

Anyway, i chose family.... it was very weird becuase i was a Saint , meaning i was max pure ang good. But the weirdest thing of all is that after the credits, the first thing i did.... went home, slept with my wife, and then killed her with my sword. I tried shooting the kid as well but it didn't work...

What's your thoughts on that?

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#2 Posted by TomboDemon (151 posts) -

i chose family as well,
and if you go to the top of that tower where ur dog got shot you can see his grave there,
even though you resurrected him and hes standing with you looking at it :P

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#3 Posted by Rinkalicous (1362 posts) -

I chose sacrifice, but as soon as I realised my dog was dead forever, I killed everyone in Albion is a sort of angry killing spree type thing.

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