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Hi, the question is: are two xboxes required for co-op mode?
AFAIK it was possible to import characters temporally, or something like that, I don't know if this is only possible through internet (using two xboxes, TVs, etc.) or it is possible also splitting the screen or walking close of each other, with the same xbox using to controllers.
Thank you very much.

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I've never done it, but neither of these. Pretty sure you can use one xbox, one TV for local co-op but the screen doesn't split. Its just two characters on the same screen. If one gets far enough behind, the other wouldn't be able to move until the other caught up.
Granted, as I first stated I have never done it myself. But I am pretty that is how it works. Also for LIVE, (and couch co-op) there is no importing of your own character if you join someone's game. You just get a henchmen that tags along and can fight things and what not. Also disrupt the other's world.

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You can play co-op on the same console.  The screen never splits; you are limited to a certain distance apart that you cannot exceed.  This is the same with online co-op.  One player is always a henchman (the guest player).  Henchmen do not take their current equipment or skills from their game, but rather use preset characters.  Refer to the Overview tab of the GB Fable II page for more info on this.

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You can log into your profile and all of the gold and experience goes back to your character on your profile

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