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If I start a new game with my account will the previous one be deleted? Fable has a big replay value, you make different decisions and you get different results. But I wouldn't like to lose the hero I've created throughout so many hours of game. I would also like to use the same account for the achievements. If I start a new game will the old one be deleted? Is there any way to save it and then restore it? (maybe transferring to a memory card, or something like that) BTW: I don't own a memory card, is there any way to use a pen-drive with the USB? (that's secondary)
Thank you very much.

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You can't transfer saves to a USB drive. You would either have to buy a memory card or just delete your data. I thought there were 3 save files for Fable 2 though. You should probably check it out. I'm pretty sure there's multiple save slots.

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There are like five or six save files for Fable II. It will automatically create a new save file at the start of the game without corrupting the first one. I played that game like three times with different characters, and my first dude is still in cyberspace somewhere earning ridiculous amounts of money every hour.

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Thank you very much to you both, have a very happy 2010!!

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