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#1 Posted by mrfizzy (1663 posts) -

Hey all,

So I got Fable 2 in a buy one get one free sale, got a game I actually wanted and then figured I may as well grab this seeing as it was free and all. Anyhoo never got around to playing it until yesterday. Now I'm really enjoying all economics of it and all that but to be honest I really couldn't care less about the story. I'm not saying it's bad but it isn't blowing me away and I am having way more fun working to get money and then buying up houses and businesses etc etc.

My question is, should I keep going with this or would I be better to move onto Fable 3 which I can borrow easily from a friend? I'm guessing that they didn't get rid of all the stuff I'm liking in the third one right? And if that is the case then I have to assume I would enjoy that one more due to better graphics and gameplay (presumably) in general.


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#2 Posted by Silock (276 posts) -

Stick with fable 2, much better.

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The third one is generally considered the worst of the Fable series, they were ambitious with it, but it just didn't end up paying off. I say unless you start finding it too dull, stick with Fable II.

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#4 Posted by mesoian (1621 posts) -

Get out where you are. 2 is pretty middling, 3 is much worse.

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#5 Posted by Poppduder (520 posts) -

I thoroughly enjoyed Fable 2. It was the only Fable game that I actually went back and played more of, and took an interest in my character. I certainly have a few gripes about the "RPG-ness" of it, and the combat, but the same could be said about all Fable games and certainly shouldnt cause you to shy away from playing it. So do it.

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Pretty light on the RPG mechanics, I couldn't care less about the story, the combat is decent.

But I put two solid weeks into it, strictly for the real estate management portion alone.

Play it. It takes a couple of hours before the world really opens up, but once it gets going there's enough variety that even the poorer bits don't keep it from being a great game.

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#7 Posted by Cheesebob (1307 posts) -

Never liked Fable 2. Fable 1 is the best one tbh

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#8 Posted by ShaggE (8394 posts) -

Fable 2 is pretty gre- ...

Silock, why do you keep bumping Fable recommendation threads?

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@Mesoian said:

Get out where you are. 2 is pretty middling, 3 is much worse.

sums it up well.

not sure what you mean by economy in 2, money and leveling are almost meaningless.

if its just because you are just beginning and haven't hit the gluttony get out while you can before it sours.

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