Terrifically disappointed by Fable II

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I played Fable, and it blew my socks off.  It met and exceeded all of my expectations, and i played it day after day for hours on end.  It may have been super linear, the good/bad spectrum was a bit simple, and you could easily combine magic powers with melee skill to become completely indestructible, but that's just about the only problem i had with the game. It was fun, had a good story line, and your actions did indeed affect the game. Surprisingly enough, people will flee in fear if you have a blood aura, horns, and flies orbiting you.

Fable II sucked. If you play as a chick and spend exp on physique, you get buff. It's bad, because you look like a man and you're ancient looking by the end of the game if you're good. No matter what, you get that dog. I could understand a unilateral benefit, but i'd rather be able to pick something other than some stupid little dog that rips throats out and barks at treasure chests. What, do the chests smell like cats or something?

The arena was shit compared to the first one. The first fight that sticks out to me as amazingly lame is the circular room with three "arms" that go out to the edge of the room, and bandits that circle around the room shooting you while more bandits run up to you and beat on you. In this room, they give you a set of buttons to stand on that will shoot flame jets out of the wall and stun the bandits. However, two of the three segments are wide enough that the bandits can get far enough away from the defenses to continually plink at you. They don't do much damage, and they don't stun you often, but god damn that is annoying.

The second fight that i hated was with the trolls. They have the little worms on their bodies that you shoot. Supposedly it's nerves that are visible... ok. These enemies are impossible to kill with melee. You simply cannot get enough hits off to make it worth killing them with melee. At this point in the game i had exactly 0 skill abilities purchased. Like in Fable, i'd chosen to go with melee the first time around.  So, i had this terrible little pistol that i had to kill the troll with. It took me 10 minutes (no joke, there's a timer on the round) to kill the troll, simply because my bullets were doing such low damage. That fight alone killed the experience. As soon as i saw that it took 10 minutes of my life  to kill one enemy that is supposed to take 2 minutes, i had no desire to finish the game. I figured that it would be unfair to judge the game on that experience alone, so i finished it anyway to ensure that there were no redeeming features.

My single largest grievance against the game is the spell casting system. Of any game i've ever played in my whole life that involves magic, abilities, spells, whatever, this is the single worst system i've ever encountered. Nightcaster for the original Xbox was better by a mile.  You have 4 levels of charge, and the longer you hold the button down, the more powerful the spell is. The only way this system works with interrupts is to put the time slow spell on the first tier, mash the button, then as they're slowed cast the spell you want. 

Essentially, the whole game is filled with little edges that give you tiny cuts, and then there's huge events in game made of a citric acid and salt solution.  Each successive element/scene made me hate the game just a little more, until at the end i picked the option to let all the people stay dead just to spite the unthankful swine.

If i've posted incorrect information, please correct me and i'll revise my post.

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I still want to play it eventually, although I didn't get much pleasure out of Fable.  I expect Fable II to be better for some reason.

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I thought Fable 2 was awesome, the only part I didnt like about it was it had this feeling that it was on rails most of the time. Like far to liner for a game thats all about choices. Any way if your girl ends up ugly i guess thats a moral off Fable to not create a charcter out of sexual attraction. Another with the troll, it wasnt that hard to keep your guy maxed out at evey thing. 

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Don't fuck with the dog.

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NickM said:
"Don't fuck with the dog."
Was that an option?  Wow, it really is an adult game :-)
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rhrgrt said:
"Fable II sucked. "
This is incorrect information.

Oh, use your daggers spell on the trolls.
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I really loved Fable II, but I thought the combat system was excellent. If you don't like it at all, you are going to get different perspectives than others. Also, the fights can sometimes get repetitious, but, hey, it is a combat RPG, it is bound to happen in a game like this.

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#8 Posted by BiggerBomb (7011 posts) -

I never played Fable II, but I did play the original. I was one of those gamers who was really swept up by the hype Molyneux put out there...

And then my soul was crushed! NEVER AGAIN, PETER, NEVER AGAIN! =*(

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#9 Posted by killdave (1079 posts) -

I really liked Fable 2, one of my best games of last year.

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#10 Posted by Giantsquirrel (620 posts) -

Ok, you were disappointed by being a strong woman? Dude...you got some issues.

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Giantsquirrel said:
"Ok, you were disappointed by being a strong woman? Dude...you got some issues."
No, that's not the only thing that disappointed me. It was just another straw on the camel's back.  Beside that, it wasn't being strong that bothered me, it was being indistinguishable from a male character. It just disappointed me because clearly the game designers didn't think of everything if your female character looks like a guy at the end of the physique line.

The combat system was fine except for the spells; i didn't mind the melee/ranged systems. It was just the spell casting system that made me want to punch a clown.
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#12 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

I would say Fable II is good. I don't think it necessarily lived up to the hype but it was a good game none the less.

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I'd never played Fable so I didn't really have any expectations going in to the game (apart from all the hype created by peter molenuex, but I tend to ignore that). I thought the game was great and my only real complaint was with the combat, which got a bit too repetitive for me. Apart from the I thought the rest of the game was brilliant, it had a great setting and a lot of sidequests so I was always occupied and didn't mind travelling around.

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i got this from a friend the other day since he has been raving about it, it not bad but its no fallout3 (which i like alot more). its fun, nothing has seriously irked me about it yet  and tbh its just a timewaster until i get rock band II in the next few days.

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Fable 2 was great, It was short unfortunately but there was lots to do besides the main story that had me playing for a long time anyway. My gf even got into it and beat the game, The only thing she had to say was that she wishes the main story was longer.

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I'm on quite the opposite spectrum than the OP. I hated Fable 1... thought it was too linear and way too short. Fable II was more open ended and you could better customize your character (although you just ended up as a muscle freak with glowing veins by the end, anyway). I was a little disappointed by Fable II's ending relative to the rest of the game, though, but that disappointment didn't have to do with the first game.

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#17 Posted by Pie (7309 posts) -
RHCPfan24 said:
"I really loved Fable II, but I thought the combat system was excellent. If you don't like it at all, you are going to get different perspectives than others. Also, the fights can sometimes get repetitious, but, hey, it is a combat RPG, it is bound to happen in a game like this."
Dude you are an idiot. The combat was craptacular and fable was far better (more spells)
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#18 Posted by ectoplasma (1218 posts) -
I'm just 5 hours in yet but I think the game is way better than the "harcore gamer scene" makes it. It's, here I agree complete with TheSmilingDude, about having fun. It is  a fairy tale with adventerous options, it's not a game which is "fun to beat", because, yeah, it's way to easy if you approach it like this. 
In parts, it really reminds me of Ultima 7. I love the voice acting and the graphics and the things there are to discover but stats and tactics fall mainly under the table. And the game is different and adorable, I don't think a lot of games can claim this. I have to repeat, I was highly skeptical because everywhere Peter M was just being bashed for being an overconfident idiot when the game came out, but I think he did pretty well with this title. 
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#19 Posted by keyhunter (3208 posts) -

Peter Moleneux's promises were a fable!

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In my opinion (only played alittle bit of it) the gameplay, story is quite decent but lacks... more options. It's kinda like a one-way system where no matter how stupid you are, it directly leads you to the quest objective and the paths are really built to look like one way which eliminates he chances for free roam or something like: "nah this quest sucks.. ima move on and do something else."

Besides the fact that the game is quite literally built for simply minded people, not a game that elaborates on a system.. otherwise known as "decisions and consequences" yes there is in this game but it's very concise - just two options unlike Oblivion or The Witcher which has a SHIT load of options and a variety of endings.. you know. The game is kinda alright on the other aspects: taunt system, storyline.. buying houses? etc .. I kinda mean, everything else is OK. Sadly the end bit is kinda rushed from what i've been told.

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A lot of my friends said this game was very good, so I rented it, and about an hour or two into the game, I come across a tower where my quest is and it literally takes me half an hour to kill people because apparently it was my mistake to invent into magic, where I can't charge my spell because I get hit before it's finished.

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#22 Posted by Warp (102 posts) -

I didnt outright hate Fable II but I simply couldnt get in to it. The game felt really linear and I never was able to enjoy the combat. The spell system felt too simple and charging spells never became comfortable for me to use. All in all it just felt too superficial. Your character could only kinda sorta be customized and most of the changes were cosmetic. The world was big but it never felt like it encouraged a sense to truly explore the world and simply just go from destination to destination. I HATED the maps since I never found a way to read it easily or figure out what was where from region to region.

Even though its not fair to compare the two, I really liked Fallout 3 more. Just the fact that I prefer sci fi settings to pure fantasy ones kinda predetermined what I would try to get into more. But for all Fallouts flaws (which are quite a few) it allowed more freedom to just go out there and have an adventure.

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#23 Posted by Grilledcheez (4066 posts) -

I felt it was good because I could see past it's problems...but that's it, it was only good far from the greatness that some have said it has.  I personally hated how the story was presented too...they should have had some more cutscenes or zoom in on some faces like Oblivion at least.

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#24 Posted by JLP (29 posts) -

I've got to say I had the opposite issue. Couldn't get into the first, but I am enjoying the second.  Since Theresa is really leading you around the whole time, the breadcrumb trail doesn't really take me out of it - but the maps themselves could be better.

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#25 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -

Completed Fable 2 twice now, only got into it a few weeks ago. Its a class game by all means, but the shallow interactions really drag it down, or maybe its down to jeolousy of getting a babe bedded is done through dancing the jig.

Plus i was at first under the impression that I'd be customising my character from the outset :S kind of a slight dissapointment.

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#26 Posted by keyhunter (3208 posts) -

I agree. Fable 2 is underwhelming.  It's more like Fable 1.2 really. They didn't add anything, there's no armor in the game now for some reason, there's like 3 enemies and 9 hours of gameplay, and the visuals haven't really been improved at all. They didn't take advantage of the setting at all, the world is bland and empty and you still travel down linear paths and can't climb or jump most things. There's no exploration to speak of. The game is braindead fucking easy, and there's not really anything to unlock in the skill department.

At least Fable 1, at the time had super good visuals on its side. Nothing looked as good as Fable, and nothing really had boning chicks back then, and all the stuff that supposedly didn't make it into Fable still hasn't been put into Fable 2.

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#27 Posted by Kiemoe (1094 posts) -

I was pretty disappointed by Fable, and never picked up the sequel. Still not sure if I should or not, especially as that thing isn't getting any younger.

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I understand where those critics come from, but it's just like peter molineux said... they've taken some aspects of the first game that people really liked and just forgot the ones that people didn't care so much. 

I liked the game, but i was really disapointed at the end... 

************* Spoiler ***********

I saved everybody, let my family dead and my dog dead.

What was the repay?

I recieved a letter thanking me for what i've done... and dog stayed dead, so i can't complete some of the latter quests!

That was really disapointing... What hell of an ending... :S

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#29 Posted by Dan_CiTi (4578 posts) -

Both Fable games have plenty of problems, but Fable 2 has been fun so far.

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#30 Posted by JJWeatherman (14929 posts) -
@rhrgrt:  Damn man, a little harsh. No game can be perfect. I thought it was really fun. None of the problems you listed were deal breakers for me.

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