The new island and your dog *SPOILERS*

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I'm about half way through Fable 2 at the moment, though I've already had the game spoiled for me - which I'm actually fine about - and I heard you have a choice near the end which lets you choose between keeping your dog, or 1000000 of whatever the currency is. With the new downloadable island letting you bring your dog back to life, is there any point of me saving my dog when I get to this decision if I can just bring him back to life? Are there any other penalties for going for the 1000000 that I should know about, and what does bringing your dog back to life cost you?

Or have I heard completely wrong, and no such decision comes up?
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No, the decision exists. You have three choices, save your family and dog, save the people who died in the tower thing, or take the 1 million gold.

But, if you save your family, you get a letter from your sister, and some like to believe that something will come out of that in later DLC.

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Pretty much you get a letter from Rose if you chose the love ending. No penalties for any other choice besides losing your dog, but 1 million gold is way to easy to get already so it's a useless choice. You get a statue of yourself in bowerstone for the sacrifice one.

To bring back your dog you have to sacrifice a random person to the resurrection shrine.

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