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    Fable II

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Oct 21, 2008

    An action-oriented role-playing game set 500 years after the original Fable, this sequel starts players out in the role of a street urchin destined for greatness.

    metric_outlaw's Fable II (Xbox 360) review

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    Better Than the First

    When I picked up Fable 2 I wasn't expecting it to completely destroy the origignal Fable. Like huge RPGs before it the sequel's story and main quest pales in comperision to the original's. To my surprise Fable 2's story had everything the first one lacked. It had characters you actually cared about, a vendetta, and a story you could actually follow (to this day I still don't really understand a lot of what was happening in Fable).

    Doing jobs in Fable 2 honestly sounded and looked pretty boring. But actually is was a fun meta game trying tocut enough to level up. This also helps alot in making money. Eventually once you level up enough you get enough money to buy a business to make money instead of doing work. Once you own enough businesses and eventually start buying up entire city's houses. Eventually you can become a regular Carneigie.

    A fantastic new inovation that should be in every game for now on is the addition of your dog. Now I figured he would be a major help in fights, but he merely attacks foes who are knocked down. Your dog is very helpful in other situations though. He helps find items you would miss on many occassions. The other thing that is great about your dog is that he will help you no matter what. You can be the biggest jerk in history or you can be the most genreous hero of all time he will still help you.

    The people in the game are a lot different from the ones in Fable. There are more than three different people look wise. This gives you more options for families. Marrying someone is almost identical to the first one (do some love moves to the one who want, give them a ring, and buy a house to live in). The new ability to have sex lets you be able to have children. Your kids will stay babies until you return from the Spire.

    The side quests in the game are surprisingly unique (aside from saving slaves). Quests range from helping the farmer's son find a mate to eleiminating hobbes from different towns. These quests also involve the new time system. That is to say you have a certain amount of time complete the tasks. TIme is also altered when traveling to new towns. For example when I travel to Bowerstone from Oakfield it may take me 27 hours to do so.

    Another feauture I was incredibely thankful for was that once you beat the main quest you can still play and do side quests. This way you can still keep up with your family and your businesses.

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