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    Facing Worlds

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    Facing Worlds is one of the most memorable Capture The Flag maps of all time.

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    Facing Worlds is perhaps the most well-known map in the Unreal Tournament series, the map is also synonymous with the song "Foregone Destruction".

    Layout & Design

    Every iteration of Facing Worlds consists of a symmetrically-designed map with two towers containing opposing team-colored flags. Both towers have teleporters which can transport players to different levels on the tower, which contain weapons and power ups such as the sniper rifle and the Redeemer,

    Unreal Tournament (1999)

    The original map is an asteroid floating within Earth's orbit.

    Unreal Tournament 3 (2007)

    In Unreal Tournament 3, Facing Worlds is now a steep and narrow rock formation with two pagoda-like towers on each side. The blue team's tower is distinguished by Necris technology on the horizon.


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