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    Fairway Solitaire

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Dec 07, 2007

    Fairway Solitaire is a downloadable casual game from Big Fish Games Inc. Originally released in 2007, this game is a well polished solitaire game using golf as a backdrop.

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    Fairway Solitaire is a Mac and PC card game that is filled with golf metaphors.  The game is available for download through big fish games.  The game is separated into 24 different courses of 9 -18 "holes" or levels.  

    A typical game
    A typical game
    The gameplay is simple.  The player has a deck of cards, and on the green there is solitaire shaped stacks.  The top card of the deck can start a "drive" by matching a card one lower and higher that the card.  So if the deck shows a nine you could link it to a ten or an eight.  You link it by clicking on the card in the "green", every card disappears after linking it, and in turn earns you money. Let say there is a ten on the "green" for that nine, that ten can be linked to a jack, and then a queen and then back to a jack.   (You can go over the top, ie a King to an Ace then a 2.)  Getting over 5 cards in a row is called a long drive.  Long drives build up your multiplayer.  Which gives you more money for the cards you use in the drive.  The goal is to clear all the cards of the green.   

    But it's not quite so easy, below is a list of obstacles your will encounter in most holes.

    Water Hazards-  Are shown by the cards being blue.  You have to eliminate all the blue cards to allow the column to the right of the water hazard to be used.  If those cards aren't cleared, it'll put you over par.  

    Sand traps-  Sand traps are tan cards.  To clear them you have to unlock a sand wedge club.  They're usually hidden deep in the green and often can be seen at the start of the game. 

    Wild Shots-  Wild shots are random occurrences.  Skipping them takes 2 cards out of the deck.  They will either be beneficial events, or hazards.  Like a lost ball which costs you money, or grabbed by a bird which increases your multiplier.  When a wild shot is drawn it scrolls through possible outcomes similar to a slot machine.  Your actions choose your fate.  Some of them lead to mini games like putting or finding a missing ball.  

    Clubs- Through out the game you can acquire clubs 1 - 9 iron.  You can use each club only once.  The club then becomes a playable card.  Like a seven iron can be used to link between a 6 or a 9.  This will also help you keep long drives going further to extend that multiplier.  

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