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Dynamic Slicing
Dynamic Slicing

Fairytale Fights is a hack and slash platformer that puts the player in the shoes of one of four protagonists from popular fairytales. The game charges the character with restoring their lost fame and saving the fairytale world from destruction. The game will feature "Dynamic Slicing" technology which will allow the player to cut up various cutesy enemies in unique ways. The world promises to juxtapose popular and cutely designed fairytale characters with the gory swath the player will cut through them all.


The characters roam a brightly colored 3D world slicing up enemies using the right analog stick. In addition to striking, players may command their characters to block, jump, and push during combat.

The game contains over 140 weapons which are found strewn throughout the world and are usable by players. Many are typical weapons such as knives, swords, and hammers, but the arsenal also includes single-use weaponry. The player may carry two weapons at a time, and they may utilize either at any time.

The game includes 20 levels in the single-player campaign. Cooperative play is supported for up to four players locally or online. Even in cooperative mode, players may attack one another although this can be toggled through the game's options.

The HUD features two meters for each player: the first for health and the second for "glory." Once filled, the glory meter enables the player to execute an attack that slows the action and brings up a picture-in-picture window allowing the player to telegraph individual strikes. This mode does the best job of displaying the game's dynamic slicing. If using an edged weapon, the player may slice in any direction using the right analog stick and watch as enemies are cut dynamically based on these slices. Dynamic bone crushing has been added as the blunt weapon analog to

General Carnage
General Carnage

dynamic slicing. Players wielding single-use weapons are able to use glory attacks as well.

Developers are also touting volumetric liquids (such as blood) that have realistic physical properties and can mix to create new liquids with new properties. There are even achievements for sliding around the levels on pools of blood.


The game garnered some attention for its inclusion of an achievement for killing 1,000 children. The developers have stated the ratings boards are having difficulties with this particular achievement. This achievement does not appear in the retail release of the game.

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