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Fairytale fights: 2nd review

I havent played the whole game so this is just a first impression. 
alright lets do this, so this game is about a group of fairytale people (naked king, snow white, little red, and jean stalk jack) who go after stuff for the bears, so far that is what i know. Nor do i want to continue to game to find out.
Presentaion:    First off, i have to say that this game looks great. Great backgrounds and detail all add to this games experience.  From the forest in little red, to the house of the evil candy which, the game is fun and addicting, and it will sure to pull you in.  It looks more like a kids game a first, of cource that changes when you cut you first guy in half. Though it is kinda lacking in some areas. It is very repatative, and linear, and it looks like your playing the same level over and over again. The variety of weapons will change, and the levels rarley increase in difficulty, and that just makes the game boring. The music gets really old, and sound effects are just, well, lame. 
Graphics: Great, high level of detail. 
Sound: A decent soundtrack, annoying sounds


Hack n; slash, aand it looks pretty decent. The Combat system works well, with all the slashing and dashing, but gets boring after awhile. The game is pretty easy, but doesnt allow you to explore at all, and whats with that close up overlay that takes up half the screen? i can barley see my character as it is, with all the evil guys on the screen. The boss fights are suppose to be epic, but fall flat when you realize you have to fight the boss for more then 15 mintues, and do the same pattern over and over again, then the game suprises you with the same boss, good job. All this while you lose all those precious coins you collected.  I found myself just rolling the anolog stick in every direction hoping to kill somthing. There is a combo counter, but really, i never found myself trying to pull them off cause it was completely pointelss.
Controlls: Boring... 
Combat: Fun at first, but later gets boring  
+Great fun 
+ Fun to slide in blood
-Annoying gore sounds 
-platforming gets old   
-poor level choice, and bosses' 
A fun game, but is lacking and could have been better. I wouldnt recommend this game, but go ahead and rent it.


 Folow me and let me know what game you want me to do next. Hope it helps thanks!

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