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Faith Connors is the main character of Mirror's Edge. She is a "runner," a courier who transports information throughout the city. When she was young, her parents were killed while protesting government plans to monitor private information. Regardless, these plans were executed; those who supported the government were willing to give up many of their freedoms in exchange for peace and comfort.

Having rejected this way of life, Faith was forced to grow up on the street. She eventually met Mercury, a runner who recognized Faith's potential and became her mentor. He taught Faith how to survive in the city, a world where obedience is brutally enforced and any deviance is relegated to the edge of society.

Now the government is cracking down on runners and Faith's sister Kate Connors has been framed for a crime she did not commit. Faith sets out to learn why.

Character Origin

Faith was originally a character in the multiplayer portion of Mirror's Edge, not the main character of the game. When the character was completed however, the team decided that she was perfect for the lead role. They added a unique tattoo on her shoulder in order to emphasize the cyberpunk facet of her character.


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On June 10th, a new Mirror's Edge game was announced at EA's E3 Press Conference. During its debut teaser, a redesigned Faith was shown. While still having the original character's trademark features, such as the tattoo on the right arm and below the right eye, she looks noticeably different and features a redesigned set of clothing and gear.


Faith made a cameo in NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. She was on a team alongside Isaac Clarke of Dead Space fame.

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