Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 28, 2005

    Strap into an F-16 Fighting Falcon, and fly the unfriendly skies in this in-depth combat flight simulator.

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    Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is a combat flight simulator developed by Lead Pursuit, LLC, which was intended to fix many of the issues gamers had with the original Falcon 4.0 including AI, graphics, and certain aspects of realism. The game features several variants of the F-16 Fighting Falcon as flyable aircraft, and 2D interactive cockpits. It comes with a 716 page PDF manual which explains in great detail F-16 avionics, weapons systems, flight characteristics, and dogfight tactics, along with explanations on how the various game modes work.



    Many of the avionics and systems of the F-16 have been faithfully recreated, and as such the game has a steep difficulty curve. The game comes with several dozen practice missions which, along with the tutorials in the manual, help familiarize new players with the game. You can also turn down AI difficulty, as well as turn on several options, such as easy refueling, invulnerability, and labels, to help ease you into the game.


    Falcon 4.0: Allied Force also features a fully dynamic campaign that takes place in either the Korean peninsula, or the Balkans region. The game tracks the actions of all units on the battlefield in real-time. Destroyed units will stay destroyed, and damaged infrastructure must be repaired before it can be used again. The game draws up battle plans based on current forces and target priorities that the player can override. Your squadron, along with every other squad in the region, is assigned missions that pop up in a menu called the Frag Order. You can choose which of your squadron's missions you want to fly, and what position in the flight you want to be. Prior to take off, you can change your flight's weapon loadouts, and more advanced players can alter the course waypoints. Mission success, and your pilot rating is based on whether you accomplished your objective, minimized casualties, and/or arrived over the target on time.


    • Balkans: Operation Powder Keg - Aid Croatian and Bosnian forces against their Serbian counterparts. Capture Belgrade.
    • Balkans: Operation Balance of Power - Aid Croatian and Bosnian forces against the Serbian forces massed at the Slovenian Border.
    • Balkans: Operation under Siege - Aid Croatian and Bosnian forces against Serbian forces invading Albania.
    • Korea: Operation Tiger Spirit - Aid South Korea against a North Korean assault pushed back into North Korea.
    • Korea: Operation Rolling Fire - Aid South Korea against a North Korean assault pushed back to the DMZ.
    • Korea: Operation Iron Fortress - Aid South Korean against a North Korean assault deep in South Korean territory.

    Mission Types

    • DCA - Defensive Counter Air. Protect all friendly targets in the mission area.
        • BARCAP - Barrier Combat Air Patrol. Prevent enemy aircraft from entering through the mission area.
    • HAVCAP - High Value Asset protection Combat Air Patrol. Protect high value assets such as AWACS or a tanker.
    • TARCAP - Target Combat Air Patrol. Protect friendly attack aircraft in the mission area.
    • RESCAP - Rescue Combat Air Patrol. Defend friendly rescue helicopters.
    • Ambush Cap - Down all enemy aircraft in an area free of enemy radar.
    • Sweep - Down enemy aircraft in enemy territory.
    • Intercept - Prevent enemy aircraft from completing their mission.
    • Escort - Defend a flight of friendly attack aircraft from enemy aircraft.
    • SEAD Strike - Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses. Attack enemy radar and/or enemy anti-air launch targets.
    • SEAD Escort - Protect a flight on a SEAD Strike mission from enemy aircraft.
    • OCA Strike - Offensive Counter Air. Attack an airbase or radar array.
    • Strike - Attack a ground target.
    • Deep Strike - Attack a ground target in enemy territory.
    • FAC - Forward Air Control. Identify enemy targets for a friendly flight on an On-Call CAS.
    • On-Call CAS - Attack enemy ground units identified by a FAC.
    • Pre-Plan CAS - Attack enemy ground units
    • CAS - Close Air Support. Attack enemy ground units in a mission area.
    • Interdiction - Attack enemy logistics units and reinforcements heading towards the front.
    • Recon - Photograph a target site for intelligence on the enemy.
    • BDA - Battle Damage Assessment. Photograph a target site after a strike mission.
    • Anti-Ship - Attack enemy naval units.

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