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As a way to keep the player from wandering off or to add to realism, certain games contain falling damage. Falling damage may or may not kill you, all depends of the height from which you fell. Games never make it very clear from how high you can fall without getting damaged but common sense usually tells us that falling from a building usually isn't a great idea. 

Fall damage can sometimes result in instant death. This can be the case when a game wants you to follow a predetermined path to make sure you don't wander off. This means that places that you thought you could jump to are in fact inaccessible and leaves little room for the player to explore. These instances are usually frustrating and take away any sort of realism. A game that is known for doing this is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves where you see Nathan Drake make incredible jumps but flat out die when he jumps to a place the game didn't want him to. 

You know you've suffered fall damage when the character on screen stumbles after a jump or you hear an unpleasant crunching noise. Like in real life, fall damage usually results in your knees taking a beating and some games (like Modern Warfare 2) tell you that that jump you just made was a little to high and that your knees almost decided to take a vacation. 
Fall damage doesn't only inflict people but also vehicles. For example drive your car off a cliff (like in Just Cause 2) and if that cliff is too high the car will blow up upon hitting the ground. Fall damage basically applies to everything since every object on Earth is bound to gravity. When you fall or jump off something gravity pulls you towards the ground. The height from which you fall determines the speed at which you'll hit the ground and thus how badly it's gonna hurt. It must also be noted that fall damage doesn't concern bottomless pits since fall damage results from hitting the ground.

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