Can't get it to run on Windows XP

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I found this in a bargain bin and was incredibly excited about playing it again, but it refuses to work.

I'm running XP (SP2) on a Lenovo T60p Thinkpad. I loaded the medium installation of the game, but whenever I run Fallout2.exe I get as far as the black and white "Please Stand By" intro screen and then it cuts back to my desktop.

I've already tried running Fallout2.exe in compatibility mode, and I downloaded and successfully unzipped the official 1.02 patch, but still nothing. A lot of people from other forums seem to be having the same problem as me, but none of the fixes I found in Google work. Any suggestions?

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update your drivers. it works on most nvidia cards.

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Do the humongous install and download the Fallout 2 restoration patch.

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