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About one or two months ago, I bought the Game of the Year edition of Fallout 3 from eBay (for PC). I purposely chose it because it came with all of the expansion packs, but since installing (and playing and beating) the game, none of them seem to have activated. I've installed the add-ons with the extra disc, but still none of them work, even after I tried starting a new game. It also seems that the Achievements fail to work. I don't have the internet on my gaming computer, do I need to be connected to the internet whilst playing to activate the add-ons? Or is something else the problem?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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Have you updated the game? I think the most recent patch is 1.7, you can get it on Bethesda's website. Second of all, open the launcher for the game, and there should be an option for "Data Files" click on this, and a box with some files such as Fallout3.esm should open up.

There should be a few other ones, Anchorage.esm, Broken Steel.esm, Zeta.esm, ThePitt.esm, and PointLookout.esm. If any of those are not checked, check them, that should enable the mods. You'll see if they are activated properly if you get new radio stations once you get back in game which give you new quests to the areas added in the expansions.

Hope this helps!

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Okay, thank you, that helped a lot!

(Sorry I took so long to post, I don't go on GiantBomb that often)

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